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TT2021 Cancelled

Following on from the cancellation of TT2020, the Manx Government have announced the same fate for TT2021.

Perhaps learning from the errors of leaving the decision for TT2020 until the last minute, they have this time announced the cancellation well in advance.

The TT relies on thousands of volunteers and officials across a wide range of organisations and we could not move responsibly towards a positive decision to proceed in planning for 2021, which would involve committing to welcoming tens of thousands of people to the island in June, despite the progress towards a vaccination programme globally and on the island

Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly

I have heard from more than a few people that the possibility of incorporating TT2021 into the Classic TT fortnight at the end of August is being discussed as a possible option.

This will obviously depend on the Covid situation in the Summer although as yet, the Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix have not been cancelled.

The island’s borders are currently closed and have been for some time and we have managed to remain pretty much Covid free since the Gov. took the decision to shut them.

Most of the island have welcomed the decision to cancel. It’s another blow to the islands tourist industry but unless the vaccine roll out proves a huge success I imagine the Isle of Man borders will remain closed for sometime yet.

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