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Why Are Triumphs So Expensive?

Some people consider Triumph to be expensive, others believe they offer value for money. Here’s what I found after doing some price comparisons….

Why are Triumphs so expensive? When compared with other marque motorcycle manufacturers Triumph are competitively priced. In the emerging markets they are less so due to economy-class motorcycles mass produced by companies like Bajaj, TVS motor and Hero.

Read on to see how the price of some of Triumph’s best sellers compare against their main competitors.

Comparing Triumph Prices

There’s obviously not much point in doing a price comparison between a Triumph Bobber and a Honda Rebel, apples for apples and all that.

I’ve tried to choose the motorcycles I believe Triumph are competing against or visa versa, I’ve chosen motorcycles that have been built to compete directly with a Triumph offering.

Triumph Bobber Price Comparison

The Triumph Bobber is priced at $11,950 which is $50 less than the Indian Scout Bobber 20 while the Harley Street Bob starts at $14,599.

The Harley fan (are there any left?) may argue the Street Bob has the bigger engine and The Springfield guys will point out that the Scout Bobber 20 engine is the more powerful of the 3 Bobbers here.

As a Triumph rider I would counter that the British Bobber come with ABS as standard where as if you want it on the other two it’s an added extra costing around $750.

The Triumph also has traction control and a couple of riding modes as standard, neither available on their competitors.

All 3 of us would just be being picky though. They’re all from a marque stable with the heritage and the badge and more than likely we all made our final choice on brand loyalty alone.

Summary – It’s the Harley rather than the Triumph that looks the overpriced option when compared to the competition.

Triumph Trident Price Comparison

Are Triumphs really expensive?
The new Triumph Trident

New for 2021 is the reincarnated triple cylinder Triumph Trident which has entered the competitive middleweight class – think naked bike of the Daytona 675.

There is a case to be made for the original Trident to be considered the worlds first superbike. While there’s obviously no chance the new Trident will reach such giddy heights, I am expecting it to cut itself a nice slice of the middleweight naked bike market.

Honda CB650RYamaha MT-07Kawasaki Z650Triumph Trident
Engine4 CylinderTwinTwinTriple
Torque47 lb.ft50 lb.ft47 lb.ft47 lb.ft
Traction controlYesNoNoYes
Service8000 miles6000 miles7500 miles10,000 miles

A casual glance at the table above and the Triumph Trident looks to be joining the CB650R at the expensive end of these 4 competing middleweights.

Yet with only £550 difference from cheapest to dearest, price is unlikely to be the deciding factor here.

The Triumph Trident includes 2 riding modes, traction control and a colour TFT dash as standard.

Couple the standard electronics package with the longest service interval (ie. lower ownership costs) and I would argue that far from being the dearest, it actually offers best value for money by some distance.

Don’t just take my word for it. Below is a video from the recent launch in Tenerife. The reviewer compares it to the same 3 motorcycles I did in the above table.

Ducati And Triumph Scrambler Price Comparison

Ducati Scrambler 1100 ProTriumph Scrambler 1200XC
EngineAir cooled L-TwinLiquid cooled parallel Twin
Torque65 lb-ft81 lb-ft
Rider modes35

These two are the flagship scramblers for their manufacturer. There’s $500 difference in the price but you get the slightly bigger engine and a fistful of extra torque for your money with the Triumph offering.

You also get 5 ride modes, one of which is for your own personal favourite setup.

On paper, however, the Triumph outshines its Italian opponent in almost every aspect. 

Ride Apart direct comparison of the Triumph Scrambler 1200XC and the Ducati 1100 Pro

Summary – The Triumph is the slightly dearer option yet when comparing features it again offers the better value for money.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Price Comparisons

Tiger 900 RallyHonda AfricaBMW F850GSGuzzi V85TT
Engine12 valve triple8 valve twin4 valve twin4 valve V-Twin
Rating5 out of 54 out of 54.5 out of 54.4 out of 5

As Adventure bikes are not my forte I have linked each heading to their respective review on MotorCycle News should you require more info. The MCN star rating is also included in the above table for your convenience.

UK’s Bike magazine made the Triumph Tiger 900 their bike of the year for 2020.

Having read all the MCN reviews for the above 4 I consider the new Triumph Tiger 900 Rally to be reasonably priced while it’s the Honda Africa that looks the overpriced option.

Harley Davidson Vs Triumph Pricing Policies

A really interesting video I came across while researching this topic and definitely worth a watch. It compares how modern Harley Davidson and Triumph have differed in their approach to both innovation and pricing.

Triumph Motorcycle Prices in India

Where Triumph do look expensive is in the Asian market. Triumph have a following in India but the price point means they are out of reach for most of the population.

India is the largest motorcycle market in the world – As of 2019 over 20 million motorcycles are now sold in India every year and the number is still climbing.

Motorcycle yearly sales have doubled in India since 2011.

Compare that with just half a million in North America and a smidge under 1 million within Europe (2017 latest figures) – source

Triumph partnered up with Bajaj in 2017 and the first joint venture motorcycle is expected sometime in 2023. Bajaj are India’s second largest motorcycle producer and the world’s third.

The plan is for Triumph to develop a range of smaller engined motorcycles at Hinckley and have them produced by Bajaj in India. This should put them on a more level playing field in the highly competitive Asian market.

This year Triumph India also plan to role out their approved pre-owned programme.

Should The Price Be a Deciding Factor When Buying a Triumph?

One man’s ‘expensive’ is another’s bargain.

I learnt early on in my business life that if your unique selling point is your low price, you are doomed to failure. There will always be others who will provide a cheaper alternative.

If I know this you can be sure a successful business man like John Bloor did, he probably wrote the book on it.

When he resurrected Triumph he set about positioning the company as a manufacturer of quality motorcycles.

Couple that quality with bang on demand looking modern classics together with high performance Roadsters and Triumph have produced a range of very desirable motorcycles appealing to the full range of age groups.

Once you have a desirable product the price becomes secondary to the purchaser.

As any salesman will tell you, if they walk in to the showroom already wanting the product, your work is done.

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