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After forgetting my phone/camera in 2017 and not being able to make the 2018 show, I finally managed to get some new photos from the 2019 Festival of Jurby. Most of these were taken in the motorcycle car park before I had even entered the festival.

The Jurby Festival is organised by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) and with over 10,000 visitors is the Isle of Man’s largest single day event. Vintage motorcycle owners can sign up to do some laps of the Jurby track for the crowds to enjoy while special guests also show up to do a couple of exhibition laps and sign autographs.

With the majority of visitors arriving on motorcycles I was running around the car park like a geek in an Apple store for a good hour. Even then, I only covered about a sixth. I’m always impressed by the number of old classics I see that have clearly being ridden to the island for the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling. The number of old German bikes making the long trip in particular seemed up on my last visit.

Below are a selection of photos of the many vintage motorcycles I came across. I’ll be doing another post with a few of the many more recent Japanese classics I found at the show later.

a pair of Titon motorcycles

A pair of hard ridden Tritons. A Triton is Triumph engine fitted into the famous Norton featherbed frame giving the cafe racer riders of the 60’s and 70’s the best of both worlds.


Norton featherbed frame with a BSA engine

A NorBSA – As with the Triton, but this time a Norton featherbed with a BSA engine. This gorgeous ride was getting plenty of attention in the car park.

Sunbeam 90 TT Baujahr 1932

Sunbeam 90 TT at the Jurby festival 2019

A Sunbeam 90 TT. One of these won the Senior TT in 1928 and 1929 ridden by Charlie Dobson. From 1931 Sunbeam offered 2 versions of these for sale, a tourer and a sports option (as pictured) named the TT in honour of Charlie’s  successes.

Nimbus straight 4 cylinder motorcycle

A Nimbus straight 4 cylinder 750cc engine from the early 1930’s I think. Nimbus were a Danish motorcycle manufacturer who also specialised in vacuum cleaners, as the exhaust clearly proves.

a Scott motorcycle at the Jurby classic meeting 2019

Scott motorcycles were a Yorkshire, England motorcycle manufacturer formed in 1908. They produced motorcycles for 70 years before finally closing in 1978.

a pair of Metisse motorcycles at Jurby festival

A pair of Metisse motorcycles, one track and one Scrambler.

125cc 2 stroke Gitan motorcycle

125cc 2 stroke Gitan from Italy

diamant motorcycle at Jurby festival

A Diamant from Germany. I believe this is the 350cc model built around 1931 as it has the Kuehne engine. Like many of the pioneers of motorcycle manufacturing Diamant were a bicycle producer who made the leap to motorcycles.

a John Young Tr-Jap special at Jurby show

A John Young Tri-Jap Special. If anyone has info on these please let me know in the comments.

Arial Rainbow from the movie No Limits

A 1936 Arial 350 Red Hunter with the Rainbow tank badge as ridden to victory by George Formby in the movie No Limits.

a collection of AWO Simson motorcycles at Jurby Festival

A collection of Simson / BSW / AWO motorcycles from Germany. Although Simson & Co. had been in business since 1854 making guns and bicycles it started automobile production in 1907 (same year as the first TT). The Simson family fled the Nazi’s before the war and the company was taken over by the Third Reich and became known as BSW.

After the war Russia handed control to the DDR (East German Gov.) and it changed name again, this time to AWO. After the fall of the Berlin Wall the Simson name was reintroduced and production concentrated on mopeds and scooters. The company folded in 2002.

Greeves motorcycle with Villiers engine

A Greeves Sports Twin 32. This model used the Villiers 3T 325cc engine.

Benelli motorcycle

Benelli 4 cylinder

A Benelli waiting his turn for a blast around the Jurby track

An Egli-Vincent by Goden that I managed to catch being fired up ready for a lap of the Jurby track.

The Jurby Vintage motorcycle show is just one of the reasons I recommend the Festival of Motorcycling over the Isle of Man TT fortnight to those who can only ever make one. As well as the Jurby show the Festival now incorporates the Classic TT and the Manx Grand Prix.

The 2 week Festival has a motorcycle Rally vibe to it, while the TT can feel like a big stag party. So, if a visit to the Isle of Man is on your bucket list and you prefer your bikes to be of a certain age give the Festival some serious thought. It’s less busy which means it’s also cheaper too.

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