German BMW Classic Gets Italian Makeover

Italian custom Motorcycle shop South Garage have taken the German no nonsense BMW R75/7 and turned it into a work of art!

Named the Nerboruta (Italian term for muscular), the guys at South Garage stripped the BMW down to the bare bones and then applied the kind of style and flair only a custom house in Milan could possibly come up with.



Look at that seat! It might be about as comfortable as a church pew but it looks amazing. I especially love the way they’ve continued it through to the rear fender.



When I think of BMW I picture a work horse, a bike that whenever I overtook in my youth always seemed to have the more mature rider who would be on his way to some distant part of Europe for the summer.



And here it is in all its glory. Part Cafe Racer, part Bobber, 100% custom.

Images courtesy of the South Garage Cafe, Milan

Ancient Hippy

A 50 something born again biker who as a 17 year old cut his teeth on a KH250 before seeing the light and moving to more sedate Triumphs. Owner of several standard and custom pre-unit Triumph's before hanging up the helmet in the early 90's. Having fallen back in love with modern bikes since the retro naked's started appearing, Ancient Hippy began in the hope it might help inspire others to climb back into the saddle.

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