R nineT Racer – BMW’s Seventies Retro Motorcycle

Norton R Nine T cafe racer

Following up on the well received retro R Nine T Scrambler comes the R NineT Racer. Looking like something that’s just come from a 1970’s Isle of man TT, the Racer is right up there with the Triumph Thruxton R as the most retro looking motorcycle on the market today if it’s the Cafe Racers that float your boat.

Light White non-metallic combined with decor that is reminiscent of past BMW Motorsport colors, the R nineT Racer is particularly light and athletic in appearance. The frame finished in Aluminum Silver prominently presents an architectural contrast with the black drivetrain, establishing the R nineT Racer as an old-school sports motorcycle designed for dynamic riding fun on winding roads.  Via sportrider.com

R NineT Racer as seen from behind

The racing position of the rider – the low bars, cafe racer style seat and footrests set well back all go towards making the Racer look every inch a 1970’s superbike.

In keeping with the 70’s racing theme the Racer comes in the BMW motorsport livery.

It’s easy to see that the inspiration for the Racer was taken from the legendary R90S, the sports bike released in the 70’s with the mandate to shrug off the ‘tourer’ image which BMW had become stuck with.


  • 1170cc air cooled Boxer engine
  • 110bhp at 7750 rpm
  • Top speed over 200kmh
  • 17′ wheels
  • ABS as standard
  • 805mm seat height

Images via BMW

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