Triumph Bobber Tool Bag From Bike Bros

Tool bag by Bike Bros

Last Updated on 18/01/2021

I spotted the tool bag on a custom Triumph Bobber done by the Bike Bros in Germany.

I preferred the look of it to the official Triumph offering so contacted them via Facebook to see if they had any plans to produce some to sell to the Triumph Bobber community.

The answer was yes and that they had a few already done.  I received a money request via Paypal and once paid the tool bag arrived within 10 days complete with mount and fitting instructions.

They now have them listed in their online store here. You can purchase either left or right side mount.


It seems a lot bigger than the Triumph swing arm bag. I carry a selection of tools, rags, face mask, helmet visor, even a tape measure and notebook for when I’m out pricing jobs at the weekend.

The metal support that comes with it is high quality and once bolted on looks as though it came fitted as standard. It even comes with the same star drive fixings you find on the Triumph so it blends in nicely – see image below.

There is about an inch clearance from the exhaust even though from the images it looks like the tool bag is actually sitting on it.






rizoma club S fitted to Triumph Bobber
With the Triumph side mounted number plate installed the tool bag is hardly noticeable.


The only down side is that it wouldn’t be too hard to actually steal it. The bag is fixed to the top bar with 2 short buckled straps while the 2 fasteners are wrapped around the bottom bar.

The tool bag though would be no good without the mounting bar and it would be a lot quicker to simply open it and steal the contents rather than mess around trying to remove it.

This isn’t a concern for me here on the Isle of Man but something you might want to think about if you use a lot of public parking.

The tool bag – complete with black mounting bracket and fixing bolts – cost me 208 Euros including shipping and I’m very happy with both the quality and the size.

Also, in my opinion the styling is better suited to the Triumph Bobber styling than the official Triumph bag.

Last updated 18th January 2021

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  1. How can i order these tool bags. And does it apply to both sides of my new triumph bobber black?

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