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26 Best Naked Bikes For 2023

Here, I’ve listed the very best naked bikes available for 2023 and beyond. I’ve included naked motorcycles from novice friendly up to the outright bonkers machines…. Enjoy.

Naked bikes are generally a sports or performance motorcycle that has had the bodywork removed. The footrests are moved forward and the bars are either straight or slightly raised to produce an aggressive sitting up position.

They have a wide appeal attracting riders who love the retro UJM styling of the 70’s and 80’s to the ageing sports bike rider who’s tempted by the more comfortable riding position without giving up the race bike power.

First off though, let’s cover exactly what a naked motorcycle is and how they came to be.

What is a Naked bike?

Naked bikes almost came about by accident, as a result of European riders crashing their sportbikes and not having either the money to spend or the inclination to get them back up to showroom spec. 

As a result, sportbikes, stripped of their fairings, grew in popularity first arising in the 80’s and continued into the 1990’s.

These DIY jobs were dubbed Streetfighters. They were nothing more than sportsbikes with the bodywork being stripped off and a pair of cheap handlebars replacing the sporty clip ons to promote a more upright riding position which were more suitable for around town riding. 

A set of lights would be added if the original bike was a straight up racer and the bike would be legal to take on the streets. 

It wasn’t long before manufacturers started to produce factory naked bikes, which were essentially a naked version of their leading sportsbike model. 

It was the Italians that led the charge of the factory naked bike with the release of the 1993 Ducati Monster closely followed by the original 1994 Triumph Speed Triple. After that the gloves were off and all manufacturers scrambled to create their own version.

Factories made some mechanical changes to their naked bikes too. By detuning the engine a little to give them better lower and mid-range torque, which would theoretically make them better road bikes than their sporty counterparts. 

Today naked bikes are in full force going from strength to strength, with most manufacturers now offering both a fully-faired and naked version of both the heavy and middleweight bikes, some even producing lightweight small capacity naked bikes too for novice riders. 

Naked bikes are often cheaper than their fully faired sportsbike siblings, which is most definitely part of their appeal.

Alongside that, part of their appeal is that they are usually tuned to be best used on the streets and for riding in a range of conditions. Unlike sportsbikes, which despite being road legal are often tuned to unleash the most power possible and access the top speed from the engine.

For example, take a motorcycle like the Yamaha R1 which is an awesome racing weapon with no question, and compare it with the Yamaha MT-10, the R1’s naked sibling.

The MT-10 is a fantastic naked bike packed with torque in the low and mid-range and is a complete monster throughout the rev range, making wheelies the done thing instead of chasing the top speed as the R1 is designed for. 

Naked bikes offer an alternative to sportsbikes, with similar power and performance, but with an aggressive upright sitting position and a different approach to how riders can utilize them. For example, they make the best street motorcycles but they’re also good for longer trips, commuting, touring, and well if you wanted to take it to the track, it would probably hold up there too.

Let’s have a look at some of the best naked bikes currently available. 

5 Absolute Bonkers Hyper Naked Bikes

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

The Streetfighter V4 is the ultimate hyper naked bike
The beast that is the Streetfighter V4 – Image via Ducati

The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S is an unrivaled beast, stripped of the Panigale fairings and wearing high, wide handlebars, but packing all the punch of the 1100cc Desmosedici Stradale engine.

208 horsepower is produced and 123 Nm of torque at 9,500rpm.

The bike only weighs in at 178kg, the power to weight ratio is therefore something to be marvelled at. In the right hands it will hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds and assuming you can hang on, has a top speed of 180 mph.

Most manufacturers when releasing a naked version of their top sports bike tend to detune the engine to reduce top speed. Not Ducati though, they’ve taken the fairing off and fitted a set of straight bars and that’s about it.

The Streetfighter V4 S comes in a Dark Stealth paint scheme with Ducati’s intention to make it as eye-catching and attention seeking as possible; it is also EU 5 compliant where applicable. 

It is equipped with the Panigale Electronic Suite which is MotoGP derived, also from the Panigale are the Biplane Wings.

A host of accessories are available to improve performance from a titanium exhaust assembly, magnesium rims, and adjustable alloy footpegs.

For those chasing the numbers, the new Ducati Streetfighter is the ultimate naked bike for 2022.

Prices from: £19,975/$25,195

MV Agusta Brutale

MV Agusta Brutale is one of the best looking naked bikes available
The MV Agusta Brutale – image via

The Brutale is a crazy good-looking naked motorcycle, with all the edge, exotic materials, and ‘Brutal’ style that you would come to expect from MV Agusta. 

There are 6 variations to choose from the Rosso: RR, RR SCS, 1000RR, 1000RS, 1000 Nurburgring. 

The Rosso, RR, RR SCS all share a 798cc engine, with the Rosso pushing out 110 horsepower and the latter two offering 140 horsepower, 

The three 1000 named models all feature a 998cc engine with a power output of 208 horsepower. 

Massimo Tamburini was the famed designer behind the original Brutale in the year 2000. 

Tamburini is often lauded as the greatest motorcycle designer of all times, having been credited with some truly iconic motorcycles such as the MV Agusta F4 750 and the Ducati 916.

The Brutale is stripped of everything except the basic necessities, displaying to the world in a ruthless fashion the inner workings of the Brutale motor. 

The Porsche 911 inspired the Brutale’s headlights and there is no detail overlooked with this naked bike, it is visually stunning, aggressive and hostile, ready to challenge any who dare look it in the eyes.

Prices from: £11,300/$15,500 – £21,600/$28,500

Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory

Tuono V4 Factory hyper naked motorcycle
Tuono V4 Factory – image via

Aprilia is another Italian company to enter the foray with the Tuono V4 Factory naked bike.

Everything about the Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory screams speed and performance, unlike the MV and Ducati, the Aprilia walks a finer line between naked bike and sportsbike. 

It has a MotoGP derived swingarm, electronics, integrated winglets, and produces a substantial 175 horsepower. 

Aprilia claims the model is track focused but also ready to conquer the road in almost equal measure.

Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension is equipped on the bike.

There are six riding modes, 3 for the track and 3 for the road. 

All the rider has to do is select their ideal riding mode and the system will pull together the Traction Control, Wheelie Control, engine braking and ABS to deliver the perfect riding experience. 

The Tuono V4 Factory is the perfect motorcycle for those who can’t decide between a sportsbike or a naked bike, and it finely walks the line of both, providing the ultimate riding experience. 

Prices from: £18,100/$24,000

Kawasaki Z H2

The Hyper Naked Super Charged Z H2
The Hyper Naked Super Charged Z H2 – image via

When you thought Kawasaki couldn’t produce anything else quite as mental as the fully faired H2, they go and produce the Z H2 in the year 2020 and for 2022 it has just got even better!

The world-beating litre engine from the Ninja H2 which has redefined what ‘supercharged’ means is at the heart of the Z H2, and for many that makes it the ultimate in naked motorcycles. 

The 998cc supercharged engine produces 197 horsepower and 136 Nm of torque. 

It is also packed with an abundance of technology including:

  • Assist and Slipper Clutch
  • Cruise Control
  • Electronic Throttle Valves
  • KLCM (Kawasaki Launch Control Mode)
  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Sound Tuning
  • Traction Control
  • ABS
  • IMU-Enhanced Chassis Orientation Awareness

It is a monster, not for the fainthearted, possibly only for the insane, but it is a bike to drool over, to admire, enjoy and attempt to tame. 

When compared to the Italian rivals it is also very well priced.

Prices from: £15,999/$18,000

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

KTM 1290 Super Duke R
KTM 1290 Super Duke R – image via the KTM blog

180 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque is produced from the 1301cc V-twin engine, for 2022 it has undergone subtle development making it lighter and more refined all the while maintaining the torquey beast like nature. 

The KTM 1290 Super Duke R is another bike that has implemented semi-active suspension technology, and every detail of the bike has been looked at and revised with each generation of the model.

Ram air intake, slipper clutch, ride by wire throttle, lighter crankcases, Formula-1 forged pistons, titanium inlet valves are all engine/transmission features that make the Super Duke R a brilliant performing machine. 

The chassis for 2022 has increased three times in its torsional rigidity from the predecessor as well as being significantly lighter too. 

Ergonomics can be adjusted to suit the rider, and there are a host of rider modes including Track mode to ensure the rider has the ultimate control of the riding experience. 

Unlike the Aprilia, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R is more than suitable for the track but it is a street bike first, so ergonomics, layout, design of the structure is all street focused.

Top of the Duke lineup, the Super Duke has been with us since 2007 and continues to improve year on year. Regarded as one of the best naked bikes by the Moto press and owners alike.

Prices from: £14,700/$19,599

9 Performance Naked Motorcycles

Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS

Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS naked bike
1200 RS – image via Triumph

For 2022 Triumph have re-developed the Speed Triple line and the 1200 RS is no exception.

The 1160cc engine now boasts 177.5 horsepower at 10,750rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 9,000rpm.

The Speed Triple engine is a new ground up design and has been developed out of the Moto2 race engine programme. 

It weighs in at around 198kg, the weight kept down by the use of an aluminium twin spar frame with a bolt-on aluminium rear subframe and aluminium wheels. 

The inline 3 cylinder engine provides plenty of power and the performance is definitely up there with the best naked motorcycles available. The triple cylinder harks back to the days of the original Triumph Trident

No expense has been spared on either the 2022 1200 RS or the new Cafe Racer inspired version, the Speed Triple 1200 RR.

Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR
The new 1200 RR comes with cockpit fairing and a single front headlight

It comes with fully adjustable Ohlins suspension front and back; Brembo brake calipers; Metzeler RACETEC RR tires and 5 riding modes controlled by the TFT instruments. 

Cornering ABS, Cornering Traction Control, Front Wheel Lift Control and Cruise Control are all included to make the ride suitable for each rider both on the track and road. 

Triumph states the bike to be street focused but track ready and boasting performance figures like it does, I’m sure the 1200 RS would be more than at home on the track in first position.

First released in 1994, this is the lightest Triumph Speed Triple to date and is set to be one of the best naked bikes in 2022.

Prices from: £15,500/$18,500

Ducati Monster

2022 Ducati Monster
The new 2022 Ducati Monster – image via

The latest Ducati Monster version has the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine as used in the Hypermotard. 111hp may seem tame when compared to the mental Streetfighter V4 S 208hp but I would argue the Monster is built to chase down the miles rather than the numbers.

Sure, over 200bhp is great on the race track but give me the more road focused naked motorcycle every time.

The 2022 Ducati Monster weighs just 166 kg and the designers have prioritised plenty of speed and fun.

The Original Ducati M900 Monster probably saved the Italian giants from going under back in 1993. When you consider 2023 will see the 30th year that the Monster has been in production, it has been a massive success for them.

Throughout those 3 decades it has consistently been one of the most popular naked motorcycles on the market.

Honda CB1000R

Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Cafe Racer
The Honda CB1000R has a Neo Sports Cafe Racer vibe – Image via Honda

Honda brings something a little different to the naked bike category with the CB1000R. 

It is an uncontested sports naked motorcycle but with a Neo cafe racer edge to it.

The CB1000R is in equal measure a performance bike with a hand-crafted nature about it, demanding attention.

The inline four-cylinder engine makes for an impressive torque filled, smooth ride with plenty of mid-range power to unleash on the streets. 

Aluminium details can be found everywhere on the CB1000R from the frame and bars to even the radiator cover. 

Three riding modes grace the model and there are three levels of user customisation available using the Engine Power, Engine Braking and Torque Control. 

Full Showa suspension front and rear more than does the job, and radial-mount 4-piston calipers affixed to dual front discs provide monster stopping power in all riding conditions. 

You only have to stop and look at the CB1000R to appreciate the lengths Honda have gone into to produce a beautiful naked motorcycle, which is also backed up by great handling, customisation options, and performance specs. 

Prices from: £11,600/$12,999

Yamaha MT-10 SP

The Hyper Naked Yamaha MT-10 SP
The Hyper Naked Yamaha MT-10 SP – image via Yamaha

The current number of Yamaha naked bikes available stands at ten and this beast – the MT 10 SP is the the top of the range.

The 998cc, inline 4 cylinder engine features the same Crossplane Crankshaft as the YZF-R1 superbike. This helps to maintain a direct connection between the throttle and rear wheel in essence providing maximum traction control and a linear torque delivery.

The Yamaha MT 10 has an abundance of torque lower down the revs which continues to mid range but equally has bags of the top end power that will more than entertain the ultimate adrenaline junkie and sports enthusiast. 

160 horsepower at 11,500rpm and 111 Nm of torque at 9,000rpm comes out of the engine.

The engine and transmission design is forward thinking, and built to lower the overall center of gravity and centralize everything making the motorcycle easy to control and aid agile handling despite being big. 

The Yamaha MT-10 is the first production motorcycle to be fitted with Ohlins next generation electronically controlled suspension, which means riders can choose between three semi-active damping modes and three manual modes. 

The Deltabox frame is also derived from the R1, that is lightweight and built for a quick response to optimize control on the road, particularly great for cornering. 

A host of electronics are equipped on the model including: 6 IMU rider aids; Advanced Quick Shift; Four mode Yamaha Ride Control; TFT display; Electronic cruise control. 

Prices from: £13,000/$16,899

Indian FTR 1200 S

Indian FTR 1200 S
The Indian FTR 1200 S – image via Indian Motorcycles

I am undoubtedly biased when it comes to Indian motorcycles, largely because for me they are simply the best and I love the way that they have been able to modernize while remaining aware of the past in the designs. 

The FTR S however, is a little different. Well, only in that it is a modern take on Indian’s original flat-trackers as opposed to cruisers and the result is a very pretty, muscular naked street bike. 

The 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin produces 123 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque, which is more than enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

Suspension is street tuned and paired with Metzeler 17” wheels, the combination makes for confident cornering and all the agility needed for street riding, backroad jaunts and mountain pass fun. 

Three riding modes are made up of Street, Sport and Rain which are made of different throttle maps and traction control interventions so that the rider has ultimate control in all relevant situations. 

Other tech features include lean-angle stability control, ABS with cornering pre-control and Wheelie control. All of which are controlled by the Ride Command display, which also pairs via bluetooth to your smartphone.

Prices from: £13,795/$14,999

Yamaha XSR900

Yamaha XSR900
The 2022 Yamaha XSR900 is for some reason not available in the white and red livery – image via Yamaha Motorsports

The 2022 Yamaha XSR900 is fitted with a 890cc three-cylinder engine. That’s up 47cc and producing 4bhp more power.

The XSR900 is the retro version of the best selling Yamaha MT-09 and while the bike has been designed from a style point of view to have a timeless look the actual mechanics are pretty advanced and modern. 

The latest XSR900 has been designed to be freer revving, with all components having been made stronger and lighter from the pistons to the crankcases. 

The Deltabox aluminium frame is also lighter, more compact, stronger and provides excellent feedback for both straight line control and confidence in bends. 

For 2022 the XSR now comes with the Advanced Quick Shift System as standard, making up and down clutchless gear shifting smooth as anything, and as a result acceleration is improved with less disruption from engaging the clutch when shifting. 

The XSR900 is packed with tech features too, all you could possibly need for excellent performance on the road including cruise control.

A genuine throwback to the Yamaha hooligan motorcycles of the 70’s and 80’s, the XSR900 wheelie machine is one of the best naked bikes available if like me, you’re into the retro styling.

Prices from: £9,990/$9,999

Suzuki Katana

for 2022 Suzuki have sharpened the Katana
Suzuki have sharpened the Katana for 2022 Image via Suzuki

The all new for 2022 Katana is an impressive looking naked motorcycle, that is pure brute power. 

It weighs in at 215kg, is packed with a 999cc engine producing 149 horsepower and 106 Nm of torque.

The 1981 original Suzuki Katana was groundbreaking at the time, and in 2019 when the latest iteration of the Katana was released it paid perfect homage to the 80’s model. 

For 2022 Suzuki have continued this respect to the past while cascading into the future and the all new Katana upon its release in Spring 2022, will be a sure hit.

The engine is street tuned yet derived from the GSX-R so has all the punch you could possibly need, with decades of race researched development poured into it. 

The chassis is compact, lightweight and forged to cut through the air making for an easy to ride but thrilling experience. Suzuki didn’t just take the Katana name for fun, the hand-crafted detailed Japanese sword has inspired everything about the bike’s nature.

The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System allows the rider to control the riding experience and tailor it to their needs and conditions to suit. 

Visually a Katana sword is stunning, lean, mean, brutal and yet beautiful. The Suzuki naked bike follows this lead, and for 2022 that has been taken even further, it is a sure fire head turner. 

Prices are yet to be announced for the new model.

BMW S 1000 R

BMW S1000R Naked Roadster
The 2022 BMW S1000R Naked Sportbike – Image via BMW Motorrad

BMW are known for their performance machines so to talk about any performance motorcycle and not feature modern BMW’s would be outrageous.

The BMW S 1000 R is not only stunning, but powerful and German-engineered which we all know is hard to match whether you love it or hate it. 

It is a pure external roadster, however the S1000R has Superbike DNA running through it, weighing in at 195kg, the power produces a huge 165 horsepower. 

The S1000R is ready for a race at any given second but it can be reasonably tame to get you around town when needed.

Rider Modes give you full control over all electronic systems so you can tailor the ride to suit. 

You can add the M package which features a lightweight battery, carbon and forged wheels, and more carbon components. 

Being BMW optional accessories are almost endless, but as a result of it being BMW they can also bankrupt you pretty quick if you aren’t careful. It is totally worth it though!

Prices from: £11,760/$14,545

Kawasaki Z900RS

The retro Kawasaki Z900RS pays homage to the original Z1
Retro Z900RS – image via Kawasaki

Another of my favorite retro naked machines is the Z900RS from Kawasaki. It is one of the best looking modern retro throwbacks to date but it is also loaded with performance features to match. 

It is built on the popular Z900 naked and uses the same 998cc inline-four cylinder producing 109 horsepower and 98 Nm of torque. 

The Z900RS keeps the spirit of 70’s original Kawasaki Z1 alive and nearly 50 years later it is doing so better than ever.

Kawasaki haven’t overloaded the bike with technical features like some of the other performance naked machines on the list, but they have updated it enough to be considered modern. 

The instrument panel consists of a speedo and rev counter with a small LCD screen in the middle feeding back all the relevant information one might need.

You do get traction control and an assist and slipper clutch which are brilliant for modern riding. 

The Kawasaki Z900RS is completely timeless, and is the most traditional ‘motorcycle’ design on the list, which makes it a firm favorite of mine. As true to the original Z1 as you can get with modern reliability and power. 

Prices from: £10,749/$11,749

7 Great Middleweight Naked Bikes

Kawasaki Z650RS

Kawasaki Z650RS is a retro middleweight naked bike
2022 Kawasaki Z650RS – image via Kawasaki

Following on from the success of the Z900RS, Kawasaki have announced the production of the Z650RS for 2022.

In keeping with the styling of the bigger sibling the Z650RS is just as timeless in its design, and unapologetically throws back to the original Kawasaki Z650 of the 70’s with the utmost respect. 

The Candy Emerald Green paint option is an absolute winner. 

Powering the bike is a 649cc parallel twin which pumps out 67 horsepower which is quite the step down from the bigger bike. 

That doesn’t mean it is no good however, as the power is fully usable, it means the rider can make full use of the engine; it is still more than enough to do pretty much anything on. 

It uses a lightweight trellis frame that is easy to flick around and take around town.

Kawasaki have produced the Z650RS as a user friendly model, aimed at novices perhaps, or those that aren’t interested in top speeds. 

The mid-range is perfect for everyday riding, and the excellent fuel economy will make this a popular everyday motorcycle for many. 

Prices from: £7,549/$8.999

Triumph Trident 660

The new Triumph Trident
Triumph Trident Roadster – Image via Triumph

The original Triumph Trident was the fastest thing on two wheels, the latest release bearing the Trident name may be a triple-cylinder but it isn’t intended to be the fastest thing on two wheels, it is just meant to be a really great middleweight roadster. 

All intentions noted, and the fact is the Trident really is pretty good.

It has a unique balance of low-down torque matched with top end power, mating the best of both worlds together, when so often bikes lack in one or the other. 

79 horsepower and 64 Nm of torque come out of the 660cc motor and the bike weighs in at 189kg.

You have a full TFT display, fully adjustable Showa suspension at the front and rear, cast aluminium wheels, and a compact tubular steel frame. 

Just because the Trident is a middleweight doesn’t mean that Triumph have slacked on it. The bike is full of useful rider features, like multiple ride modes, traction control, ABS, and ride by throttle. 

Prices from: £7,395/$8,195

Triumph Street Triple RS

The Triumph Street Triple RS uses the Moto2 developed engine
Street Triple RS – Image via Triumph

Powered by a 765cc triple cylinder engine, which has been developed by Triumph’s Moto2 team, the Street Triple RS is performance focused Street Triple. 

The RS is pumping with track level amounts of power and torque (121 horsepower and 79 Nm), but is engineered to be delivered on the street. 

You get 5 riding modes controlled through the TFT instrument pack, so you can tailor your ride to suit.

No expense has been spared, the RS comes with: Showa front forks and Ohlins rear suspension; Brembo brake calipers; aluminium alloy wheels; aluminium frame and swingarm; 6 speed transmission with Triumph Quick Shift. 

The RS has an excellent power-weight ratio, it is the lightest in its class, with the latest model having improved mid-range, as a result the bike handles like a dream for all situations. 

The My Triumph connectivity system comes as standard, which provides all relevant software to support the Bluetooth module for GoPro and navigation. 

Prices from: £10,700/$12,850

Yamaha MT-07

2022 Yamaha MT07 is one of the best selling naked bikes so far
2022 MT-07 – Image via Yamaha

The Yamaha MT-07, based on sales numbers, is quite possibly the best naked bike of all time with over 125,000 units sold. 

I often say you wouldn’t go far on the road without spotting an MT-07 or MT-09 on the street, they really were and remain that popular. 

It is for good reason too, the 690cc CP2 engine paired with the compact chassis makes for an agile all year, every circumstance motorcycle. 

Arguably the greatest attraction of the MT-07 is the fact the bike is so torque-rich and wheelie friendly. Hop on any young riders Youtube account and you will see endless riding videos of young people having an absolute blast.

The MT range for Yamaha reinstated them as the king of hooligan machines, a title lost for a while when their infamous two-strokes vanished from our roads.

The riding position is fantastic for ultimate control, which is greatly needed, it is lightweight, agile, handles fantastic, and really is a do it all bike for all riders. 

Without question it is also really well priced. 

Prices from: £7,000/$7,800

Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650 is an ideal first 'big' naked bike
SV650 – Image via Suzuki

The Suzuki SV650 has perhaps gained an unfair wrap particularly in the UK for being just a riding school motorcycle, the big bike you learn to pass your motorcycle test on, and that is all its good for. 

However, ask any SV650 owner about their bike and they will talk about it with a lot of pride, it is reliable, steadfast in its power delivery, non-threatening but not boring and quite capable of all road situations. 

The bike is easy to ride, power delivery is linear, mid-range torque is brilliant, top end isn’t over the top, it is lightweight, agile, comfortable and truly confidence inspiring. 

It has been in production since 1999 and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, the power plant is refined, lightweight, compact, keeping the center of gravity low and balanced. 

ABS now comes standard as an added safety feature for the rider. 

Prices from: £6,599/$7,699

Husqvarna Svartpilen 701

The Svartpilen 701 is a naked roadster
The Svartpilen 701 is a naked roadster – Image via Husqvarna

The Svartpilen 701 is the leader of the Svartpilen line with a 400cc and 125cc version also available. 

Husqvarna have stepped outside of their traditional dirt bike/off-road bread and butter to produce a series of naked bikes with the Svartpilen being one of them.  

The naked roadster looks a little crazy, it is small, compact, narrow, uncomfortable, but built for bags of fun. 

The engine delivers 75 horsepower and 72 Nm of torque. It does go like a bullet out of a gun in corners, raw and unfiltered is the method and this can lead to certain madness.

It is agile, the lightest rider won’t have an issue managing the bike, and therefore it is a great option for anyone looking for an insane looking, torque monster. 

Prices from: £8,899/$9,499

Yamaha XSR700

The retro Yamaha XSR700 is built on the MT-07 bike
The XSR700 is the retro version of the successful MT-07 – Image via Yamaha

The XSR700 offers an alternative smaller capacity for those who don’t want to shoot for the XSR900. 

It follows in the bigger siblings footsteps being traditionally styled while putting performance at the forefront of the design. 

It mirrors the bigger brother down to the LCD display, layout, LED headlights, casual and sporty ergonomics, and advanced detailing.

The bike is lighter than the bigger version, making it more suitable for newer riders and it is also more agile to throw around those bends with ease. 

Prices from: £7,700/$8,799

5 Novice Friendly Naked Bikes

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F is a super aggressive looking naked bike
Honda CB500F – Image via Honda

The Honda CB500F is a super aggressive naked bike but is targeted for those after a smaller capacity machine, largely new riders. 

You have a very traditionally style parallel twin engine, that boasts great mid-range torque and plenty of thrills for those into chasing the redline. 

There are no cutbacks taken either. The LCD display is customisable for your rider info, Nissin radial mount calipers and Showa suspension are used, and the styling gives a big bike feel with sharp angular lines and impressive detailing. 

The CB500F is a great choice for new riders that want an aggressive looking roadster as opposed to something more subtle while learning. 

Prices from £5,749/$6,499

Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03 naked bike is for the novice rider
The 2022 MT-03 Image via Yamaha

The MT-03 makes up one of the different capacities in the MT range.

It is identical in it’s styling to the bigger models including the paint color schemes. 

Handling is brilliant, precise, fast, point where you want to go and the bike will head into that direction. 

An upright seating position gives you a full view of the road ahead, and ergonomics are comfortable for a long day’s riding so you can stack up those essential road miles. 

The MT-03 provides big naked bike status in a lightweight package, often those not in the know would struggle to identify the difference between this and the MT-07.

It is less of a torque monster, with a focus on usability rather than hooliganism which is probably a good thing, as like the MT-125 the MT-03 is targeted at newer riders. 

Prices from: £5,400/$4,799

Kawasaki Z400 ABS

Kawasaki Z400 ABS
The Z400 ABS – Image via Kawasaki

The Kawasaki Z400 ABS is a sporty naked bike that has modern street looks with an aggressive tilt. 

It is extremely well balanced with a compact chassis, which makes for easy navigation for new riders, and inspires confidence when maneuvering at slow speeds. 

An upright seating position, low seat height and wide handlebars make the bike a nice place to be for active, sporty ergonomics, confident control and will allow new riders to quickly adapt to riding life, with scope for them to start testing their limits over time. 

The Z400 will not be released in the UK for 2022 likely due to supply issues as opposed to it being discontinued; however, it will be available as a 2022 model for the US.

Prices from: $5,199

Honda CB300R

Neo-Cafe racer Honda CB300R
The 2022 Honda CB300R – Image via Honda

The Honda CB300R takes after its bigger sibling the CB1000R but in a much more condensed and novice rider friendly package. 

It has the same naked bike, neo-cafe racer feel to it and the same attention to detail has been paid to the overall design. 

The CB300R is light, nimble and economical, it makes for an excellent commuter, around town bike, yet it has enough gusto to get you moving a little faster on the twisties. 

There is only one color option for 2022 and it is a Matte Pearl Blue, which is lovely. Sure it isn’t as aggressive, or as well styled as the CB1000R but it is a good looking bike that for the price leaves you wanting for nothing.

The Honda CB300R like the Kawasaki Z400 will not be released as a 2022 model. However, just like the Z400 they are available on the used market. 

Prices from: $4,949

BMW G 310 R

BMW G 310 R – Image via BMW

The BMW G 310 R is my favorite of the lightweight naked motorbikes. It is a lovely looking roadster that gives off big bike vibes in a very light package.

The single cylinder engine produces 34 horsepower and 24 Nm of torque, so it won’t set the world alight but for a novice rider or a bike for around town it is more than adequate. 

Ergonomics are comfortable with an upright riding position and wide handlebars that give ultimate control over the bike. 

A low seat height also makes it suitable for short riders and it is one of the only small capacity bikes I have sat on where you sink into the seat, cradled in comfort. 

It is a sporty looking baby naked bike and while made in India, the German quality that we have come to expect of BMW oozes from the G310R. 

So confident in their work BMW now offer a 3 year warranty as standard. 

Prices from: £4,785 / $5,292

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