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Are Triumph Motorcycles Reliable?

Modern Triumph’s are known to be great bikes. They’re rock solid, reliable, durable and will serve their owners for many miles and riding years.  

Like many British motorcycle brands, Triumph was once plagued with all sorts of issues such as oil leaks and poor quality components in the early days and post WWII but thankfully those days are long gone.

Triumph Motorcycles are legendary among motorcycle enthusiasts, they are one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world and have been at the top of the food chain for a really long time. 

With one of the broadest range of motorcycles in their line-up, from sportsbikes, scramblers and adventure bikes to modern retro machines and cruisers, as a motorcycle brand Triumph covers the spectrum of two-wheel fun.

Let’s get into things in a bit more depth.

Are Triumph Bikes Good Quality?

Triumph Street Twin
At just $9600 the Triumph Street Twin is the entry level Bonneville

Triumph motorcycles are designed by combining traditional foundational knowledge with modern technology, and they are put together using only the best quality components, for bikes that both look great and perform even better.

The engineering behind the finished product is where the quality of the motorcycles shine; and it is this that has made Triumph into a reliable motorcycle brand.

Handling is superb, they are smooth to ride, comfort is up on the priority list and alongside that, there is a worldwide dealer network at the riders disposal should their bike need anything. 

Since the Triumph brand was revived in 1983, the company has drawn on the iconic classic bikes such as the Bonneville and brought them into the present. 

While doing so they have eliminated issues from the original bikes and turned them into excellent modern machines that have put Triumph firmly back on the leaderboard for top marque motorcycle brands. 

Back in 2015 Consumer Reports undertook a study involving 11,000 participants, and it was the big four Japanese brands that came out on top in terms of reliability with Harley, Triumph, Ducati all following after. 

The big four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers (Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha) are known for their reliability and for being unrivalled in that regard. 

Today, they do not necessarily stand alone as reliable motorcycle manufacturers with brands like BMW, Harley Davidson and Triumph happily standing next to them. 

5 Reasons Why Triumph Motorcycles Are Considered Good

Price Point

Are Triumph bikes expensive? Well, they certainly are not the cheapest, but they are also not the most expensive and the quality of the ride you get for your money makes a world of difference. 

The brand is very good at pricing their motorcycles so that they are affordable to the majority. 

Where this is best displayed is with their infamous Modern Classics range and in particular the Bonneville. 

Starting at $9,600 for the Street Twin, this is the most affordable version of the modern Bonnie style bikes, while the more traditionally styled T100 has a higher price tag of $10,700 and the bigger T120 asks for $12,300. 

The same is true of the Triumph Speed Triple lineup where the entry level Street Triple roadster starts at just $10,800 while the top of the range Speed Triple 1200 RR retails at almost double at $20,950.

Of course there are differences between the models with power, tech, styling, rider aids all varying but the point is Triumph caters to all riders and riders budgets. 

When it comes to how they are priced compared to the competition they tend to come in cheaper too. 

Comparing the Street Twin to the Harley Davidson Iron 883 (HD’s  smallest and most accessible model); both bikes are targeting a new audience into the respective brands drawing on a legacy, but the Iron 883 has a price tag of $11,249. 

Harley’s Pan America 1250 has a price tag of $17,319 whereas Triumph’s adventure offering starts from $9,295 for the Tiger Sport 660 and goes all the way up to $19,100 for the Tiger 1200. 

The BMW GS 1250 which would compete with the Tiger 1200 and Pan America starts from $24,000.

No doubt about it, Triumph motorcycles are priced fairly and competitively. 

Style and Rideability

Are Triumph motorcycles reliable
The Triumph Bobber mixes 1930’s styling with modern reliability

Triumph’s ooze style, it doesn’t matter what kind of Triumph you are riding, it is always unmistakable as a Triumph motorcycle. 

The branding is generally quite subtle with a gentle nod to the British built bikes of days gone by, while the bodywork of bikes like the Speed Triples and Trident offer a fresh modern approach to naked sports bikes.  

Known for their parallel twin and triple cylinder engines, Triumph’s bikes across the range are smooth to ride regardless of capacity.

Whether you are aiming for a stripped back machine or fully loaded with all the tech you can get, motorcycles are built to let you ride in comfort and confidence. 

Smooth power delivery, sharp precise handling and overall good performance are the hallmarks of a Triumph motorcycle. 


When it comes to paying out a small fortune on a motorcycle, nobody wants to buy one that is going to spend more time in the workshop than it does on the road. 

With Triumph ranking highly in terms of reliability you won’t have that worry. 

Knowing the dealer network is worldwide also means that when you do need something checking or parts, Triumph will have you covered wherever you are.

Customization Options 

Another great thing about Triumph is that they are excellent at producing a range of customization options for each of their models. 

Often there are over 50 options available for each model so that the rider can tailor the bike specifically to their needs. 

Accessories include things like luggage kits, communication systems and comfort options like alternative seats etc. 

Resale Value

One more reason why Triumph motorcycles are considered good is that they hold their value. 

If you buy a new Triumph, you will find in a couple of years it will have retained a lot of its value, so you can sell it without a huge loss and move on to your next bike. 

More on this in the next section. 

Do Triumph Motorcycles Hold Their Value?

Much like the car industry across the board new motorcycles will lose a certain percentage of value (around 20-30%) when they roll off the forecourt from the dealer. 

After that though a bike’s value is determined by its durability and popularity.

Triumph has a huge following of enthusiasts and are known for being solid motorcycles, so there is a thriving used market.

Quite often if you buy a used Triumph and sell it after a year or two, you will be able to get the same money back that you paid in the first place. 

The Bonneville line holds the most prestige among Triumph fans and therefore, you will find that they hold their money better than most. 

Something like the Speed Triple that is sportier may have been ridden a bit harder and may have seen a track day or two, will fluctuate more in price depending on the condition and mileage despite still being a coveted model. 

Which Is The Best Triumph Motorcycle?

Which Triumph is the best is a completely subjective opinion but the great thing is that there are a lot to choose from that will cover many riders’ different styles.

For some the Triumph Tiger is the ultimate adventure motorcycle and there is no competition from any other manufacturer.

Or the king of the cafe racers Thruxton might dominate the line-up, or the beastly Triumph Rocket 3 powerhouse cruiser might be number one for some.

The new Trident 660 meanwhile (reviving another famous name from the past with the original Triumph Trident 750 considered by some to be the worlds first super bike), is getting rave reviews and is selling so well the company has reconsidered its earlier decision to move all production to its Thailand plants.

I think that the Bonneville is the all time best Triumph motorcycle, whether we are talking about the very original Bonnie from 1959 to the current Street Twin, T100 and T120 that are carrying the torch. 

Simply being that the Bonneville name is synonymous with the Triumph brand, there is a legacy and a story which puts the Bonnie in a club with just a handful of other bikes of all time that are true iconic motorcycles.

Who owns Triumph motorcycles?

Since 1983, Triumph Motorcycles Limited, has been owned by the parent company Bloor Holdings Limited. This is a company owned by Sir John Bloor. His Son Nick Bloor has been the CEO of Triumph Motorcycles since 2011 and a great job he’s doing too.

What makes Triumph Bikes unique?

Triumph Motorcycles are unique because they are a successful British-owned motorcycle manufacturer. 

When the British motorcycle industry collapsed, brands such as Norton, Ariel, BSA and Triumph were all sent into a dark abyss, one that not many would have bet on there being a revival. 

The British brands were key to the evolution of motorcycle design and development from the very beginning so to have Triumph still producing quality bikes on the back of such a rich foundation in the industry is quite special. 

In Britain for many riders Triumph is what Harley Davidson is as a brand in the US. 

There is a certain pride associated with riding a Triumph that isn’t stirred up by every motorcycle brand. 

The company has done a fantastic job of drawing on the past but moving into the present and future with modern components, performance and technology. 

This can be a delicate line to walk as fans of the classic bikes can be quite territorial over the original. However, I think it is safe to say that the bikes following Triumph’s revival have more than won over the majority of enthusiasts.  

Furthermore, Triumph is unique as a motorcycle brand as it stands as more than just a motorcycle manufacturer, there is a lifestyle associated with and cultivated by the brand that people really dive into. 

The Triumph name holds a cultural significance to many people that don’t even ride; with the bikes being famously associated with filmstars like Steve McQueen and more recently the Triumph Scrambler starring in the Jurassic Park movies and No Time to Die, the latest James Bond movie.

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Brian Summers

Saturday 10th of September 2022

I had a street triple 675 for five years,no I'm getting a bonnie speed twin 900 previously named street twin.