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MTT 420RR – Rolls Royce Gas Turbine Powered Superbike

You could be forgiven for not knowing what the MTT 420RR is as it is as far from a regular motorcycle as you can get and it is very unlikely you will run into one of these at your local bike night. 

MTT LLC or Marine Turbine Technologies is a design, engineering and manufacturing company that specialize in the packaging of gas turbine engines for unique industrial applications. 

Their products include fire fighting and water transfer equipment, frac and well stimulation, power generation, boats, planes and motorcycles. 

MTT were the first manufacturer to produce a gas turbine powered street legal motorcycle and it was the fastest production motorcycle in the world, the MTT Y2K Superbike. 

Powered by a Rolls-Royce Allison gas turbine engine, it had unmatched performance clocking at 320 horsepower with 576 Nm of torque and a top speed of 227mph. 

The Y2K was also the most expensive production motorcycle to ever go on sale and the most powerful production bike as confirmed by the Guinness World Records. 

In 2017 they were back with another MTT turbine superbike, a refined but just as explosive motorcycle in the form of the MTT 420RR (Race Ready).

MTT 420RR Review

The MTT 420RR looks and sounds  like it just rode out of the latest Batman movie
Looking like something Bruce Wayne developed, it also sounds like his ride too

The 420RR is simply insane. If like me, you thought the KTM 1290 Super Duke R really was ‘the Beast’ or that the Ducati Streetfighter V4S was a truly bonkers machine, then also like me, you hadn’t come across this bike.

Instead of a traditional internal-combustion engine MTT used a gas turbine engine in the build. Not just any gas turbine engine of course but the tried and tested Allison jet engine from Rolls Royce, the pinnacle of engine design and power. 

Now a Rolls Royce car being powered by this powerful engine is almost acceptable, a helicopter more realistic, but a carbon fiber, aluminium alloy dripping motorcycle is just downright insane. 

The 420RR features a larger swingarm than the Y2K, a Pirelli Diablo 240 rear tire and also has an increased fuel capacity and enhanced cooling system. 

It can be produced in infinite custom colors and graphics combinations the customer wants and they can customize a whole host of other parts about the bike too, to suit their requirements. No two 420 RR’s will be the same. 

MTT also started to offer a three-wheeled trike version of the 420RR which is a truly amazing offering containing the same amount of immense power but with the added safety features of three-wheels over two. 

There is a color dash to display all the information the rider needs in regards to the huge engine they are sat astride. 

The exhaust is huge and the bike makes an outstanding roar upon opening it up. 

When I say roar what I mean is that that the wind noise sounds like a fighter jet, which in a different chassis the engine actually is just that. 

It has a smart start control panel that handles the various electronic systems including the 2 speed automatic transmission.

Once going it is said the uncontrollable acceleration building beneath you together with the fighter jet noise is like no other motorcycle on the planet.

Let’s be honest, you are not going to be taking this thing to the store, it isn’t made for that, quite honestly I am not sure what it is made for. 

The riding position will have you leaning right over the massive tank to reach the clip on bars and your feet are thrown back in a true superbike racing position. 

I imagine the best place to take the 420RR is somewhere like the Bonneville Salt Flats or some long drag strip where you can go in a straight line and not worry about having to corner anything. 

It isn’t that the bike couldn’t take on some bends at mind-blowing power but it’s more than I am not sure many riders could. 

The MTT 420 RR is for those that want the ultimate motorcycle, the most power, the most torque, the most speed, the most of everything. It isn’t for everyone but isn’t intended to be either. 


  • Engine – Rolls Royce Allison – 250-C20 Series Gas Turbine
  • Power – 420 horsepower at 52,000rpm
  • Torque – 810 Nm at 2,000rpm
  • Transmission – 2-Speed Automatic
  • Lubrication – Dry-sump, turbine oil frame
  • Frame – Exclusive aluminum chassis containing the bike’s transmission fluids
  • Weight – 500lbs
  • Fairings – Carbon fiber body panels
  • Suspension – Ohlin adjustable shock absorbers
  • Carbon fiber rake – 27 degrees
  • Fuel Type – Diesel and Kerosene
  • Fuel Capacity – 34 liters
  • Wheels – BTS Carbon Fiber wheels
  • Wheelbase – 68”
  • Brakes – ISR 6 piston calipers, ISR master cylinders, ISR brake rotors

Top speed

The Top Speed of the MTT 420 RR is estimated to be around 273mph and as MTT themselves put it, that’s “Faster than you will ever dare to go”. 

2022 MTT 420 RR Price

The MTT 420 RR is built to order and so it is incredibly difficult to get a price without actually going through the process of ordering one. 

I can tell you that a Y2K was recently listed for $145,000 and the owner claimed from new it cost in the region of $195,000. 

On that basis and along with the 2017 420 RR I found advertised I would suggest a 2022 bike would set you back in excess of $250,000. 

I contacted MTT direct to get an idea of costs for a new 420 RR and they came back to me with the following information:

  • They have one Y2K in stock which is priced at $140,000.
  • There is a black 420 RR trike in stock at a price of $299,999 
  • If you want to order a new 420 RR the budgetary price is $250,000 (variations in price are in line with any custom additions) and there is a 6-8 month lead time. 
  • It is also worth noting that should you wish to order a new bike, there is a 50% deposit to be paid on ordering and the balance on completion. 

2017 MTT 420RR For Sale

Nostalgic Motoring ltd has a 2017 MTT 420 RR for sale that is brand new, with an asking price of $249,900. With only 2 miles racked up, it is likely an owner bought the bike from new as a collectors piece and has since released the bike for sale. 

That is the only bike I was able to find that is currently for sale, there are no other adverts even listed. 

The fact is the bikes are rarer than gold dust, so you can expect them to hold their value, be hardly ridden and you have more chance of spotting a unicorn in the street than one of these. 

However, just like unicorns it is nice to know that they do exist, even if it is just to give us all something to dream about.

Check out this clip that shows a model starting up.

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