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Harley Street Glide

The Harley Davidson Street Glide has been a staple in the American giants line up for many years. It continues to see regular revisions and the model continues to sell.

It is the Harley that bridges the divide between the stripped back bikes like the Softail Slim and the big tourers like the Road Glide.

This is one Harley Davidson that is very much worth exploring in some detail, so let’s get started.

Harley Davidson Street Glide History

The very first Street Glide was released way back in 1984. It had a 1,337 cc V-twin engine, producing a hefty 50 horsepower and a five-speed transmission, all of which made it a great powerful bike for the time. It had touring features such as a passenger backrest locking saddlebags and big rear trunk.

It took a little while for the Street Glide to take off with riders not knowing where it fit in with the Harley Davidson line up, as there were already successful touring Harley’s being sold. However, it has remained in production until the present day with new models approximately hitting dealers every 5 years.

The Street Glide didn’t really start to take off though until a new version was released in 2006/7. This is the point in time that most people begin to talk about the Street Glide and view it as an interesting and valuable addition to the Harley Davidson line up.

The FLHX Street Glide was designed by Willie G himself and the purpose was for it to be his own personal ride to fit in with his personal riding habits. Always on trend and in the know of what the market was in need of Willie G nailed the latest Street Glide variant to make it a popular model for Harley fans.

By the time the 2007 model was released the bike was an all new motorcycle and had found its identity. It had a 1,584 cc engine, new 6 speed transmission, improved power delivery and gear spacing, cruise-drive technology and 125 Nm of torque.

Although, it had low profile suspension, a smaller windscreen than other touring models it was still considered a touring bike and extra features designed specifically for touring like cruise control, audio system, and phone integration meant it was ahead in many ways of the competition.

Today the Street Glide has continued to evolve and there are 4 different variants currently available in the US, the standard Street Glide, Street Glide Special, Street Glide ST and the CVO Street Glide.

Harley Davidson Street Glide Review

Harley Davidson Street Glide

The best way to talk about the Street Glide is to split it into three sections. The Street Glide from 2006 up until 2011 where we then saw a swap in engine from the Twin Cam 96 to the Twin Cam 103 powerhouse. Then again from 2017 to present day where the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine took over proceedings.

These three generations of Street Glide all have something to offer to the models legacy and that is why it is important to acknowledge them at each of these important stages.

Street Glide 2006-2011

In 2006 Harley revamped the Street Glide. It was to fit in the touring line up with some nice useful features but it was also stripped back a little bit to fit within the realm of street bikes too. Rider magazine called it the ‘Bobber of Harley Davidson Baggers‘.

At the heart of the bike was the TC88 1,450cc V-twin first introduced back in 1999. It was punchy, reliable, provided enough power where needed and got the job done.

The FLHX essentially used the basis of the Electra-Glide which was the ultimate touring model and stripped it back a little bit to create a new Harley Davidson.

The bells and whistles came in the form of the electronics that the Street Glide was rammed with including a new 40 Watt Harman-Kardon Advanced Audio System, radio, CD player, MP3 options, CB radio for multi-bike communications and hands free mobile phone integration.

Although this wasn’t the best selling point for riders as what they were really keen on was the touring features that made Harley Davidson tourers so great in the first place. So the lower suspension, shorter screen, and lack of saddlebag cage etc. all initially went against the Street Glide.

That was until riders actually took the bike out for a ride in which comfort and ease of use over-ruled any previous negative attachments.

The saddle was comfortable from the get go, low centre of gravity and balanced chassis provided confidence for control and the new fairing with shorter windscreen was still super effective at keeping the wind away.

Harley Davidson weren’t about to take the negative opinions and put the bike on a shelf, they instead for 2007 doubled-down and made further improvements to the Street Glide and opinions shifted as to wear the bike fit.

2007 saw the implementation of the 6-speed cruise-drive transmission which boosted torque by 17%. Hydraulic cam-chain tensioners, new EFI injector nozzles, new oxygen sensors and new mufflers all boosted performance and the engine was now more responsive than ever.

Harley Davidson continued to make improvements on the Street Glide over the years with Brembo brakes and a bigger tank being added in 2008.

Street Glide 2011-2017

The 2011 model was the first to receive the Twin Cam 103 V-twin that boosted overall power and torque. Little else changed from the earlier bikes and it remained a minimalist tourer, appealing to those who wanted the practical touring features in a more subtle package.

It was during this period of time that the Street Glide really found its place in the world of custom baggers too, with owners seeking out ways to make their bikes stand out from the run of mill tourers on the roads.

Street Glide 2022

Today’s Harley Davidson Street Glide builds on what came before but with increased technical specs and even more features.

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin was first introduced in 2017, and remains the at the heart of the standard model. It is super punchy, smoother, and a better sounding engine than its predecessors.

93 horsepower is plenty and you can cruise in a straight line at 80mph maintaining control perfectly but equally you have enough ground clearance for leaning in to the corners on the bends and the power to get you out of them.

You get the Boom Box 4.3 infotainment system as opposed to the Boom Box GTS infotainment system found on the Special, ST and CVO models. However, it is an excellent modern system that has hands-free functionality to make calls, listen to music and navigate.

Other tech features include: a USB connection, SiriusXM pre sets, FM radio, standard weather Band, 2 speakers, TFT full colour screen.

Standard vehicle information screen shows display features odometer, trip A and B, gear indicator and tell-tale indicators.

At an additional cost the rider can customise their bike to suit their needs with a wide range of accessories available. A popular package includes the RDRS Safety Enhancements Suite, which takes information from the chassis, brake and engine control systems to improve safety and stability in all riding scenarios.

The tradition of comfort continues with an upright riding position, rider floorboards and low-seat height.

If you are looking for a little bit more on a performance level out of the Street Glide then looking towards the Street Glide Special, ST or CVO version is your best bet with bigger engines, increased performance features and more tech as standard.

Street Glide Performance

The Street Glide was slow to take off but it is now exactly where Harley Davidson intended for it to be. Harley claims the model as their best selling and I think this can largely be put down to the fact it bridges the gap between standard cruiser and big tourer.

It was ahead of the game in terms of technology features back in 2006 and this tradition has continued to date. The ability to customise it to suit your needs is another huge plus for the bike.

While not everyone agrees that it is a proper tourer, they do all agree it is a comfortable, smooth and confidence inspiring ride for riders of all shapes and sizes.

Street Glide Specs for the 2007 and 2022 Versions

Engine and Transmission

  • Engine – Four-stroke, V-twin, Twin Cam 96/ V-twin Milwaukee-Eight 107

  • Capacity – 1,584cc/ 1,745cc

  • Bore x Stroke – 95.25 x 111.25mm/ 100 x 111.1mm

  • Compression Ratio – 9.2:1/ 10.0:1

  • Cooling System – Air-cooled

  • Induction – ESPFI (Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection)

  • Starting – Electric

  • Transmission – 6 Speed

  • Final Drive – Belt

  • Max Power – 67 horsepower at 5,800rpm/ 93 horsepower at 5,020rpm

  • Max Torque – 124.7 Nm at 3,000rpm/ 150 Nm at 3,250rpm

Chassis and Dimensions

  • Frame – Mild Steel square section backbone with twin down tubes

  • Front Suspension – 41.3mm telescopic forks with cartridge style damping/ 49mm Dual Bending Valve fork; 4.6″ travel

  • Rear Suspension – Short, air adjustable shock/ Low, hand-adjustable; 2.1″ travel

  • Front Brakes – 2 x 292mm discs, 4 piston calipers/ 2 x 300mm floating discs, 4 piston calipers

  • Rear Brakes – Single 292mm disc, 4 piston caliper/ 300mm disc, 4 piston caliper

  • Wet Weight – 367kg/ 376kg

  • Wheelbase – 1,613mm / 1,625mm

  • Seat Height – 27.3″/ 26.1″

  • Fuel Capacity – 22.7L/ 27L

2022 Harley Davidson Street Glide Variants

As we have covered there have been several significant generations in the Street Glides production run from the very first 1984 original, to the 2007 model that sparked the worlds interest, to the upgraded 2011 engine and now the latest Milwaukee-Eight powered bike.

While each of these generations have had some variants within them, today we have 4 different versions of Street Glide to choose from, more than ever before, but what are the differences?

Street Glide

Standard Street Glide
Standard Street Glide
  • Standard version

  • Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin

  • Vivid Black, White Sand Pearl, Midnight Crimson, colour options

  • Plenty of chrome

Street Glide Special

Special model
Street Glide Special
  • Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin

  • 12 colour options including two-tone paint schemes

  • Boom Box GTS infotainment system

Street Glide ST

The Street Glide ST Engine
The Street Glide ST Engine
  • Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin

  • Two paint options

  • Blacked out

  • Faster, sleeker and more aggressive styling

CVO Street Glide

CVO model in envious green
CVO Street Glide in envious green
  • Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin

  • 3 custom paint schemes

  • Stage II Harley Davidson Audio

  • Premium parts including Kahuna heated grips and pegs

  • Corner safety enhancement features

  • Ultimate custom factory bagger

Buying a used Street Glide

If you are looking for a Street Glide then you need to be clear about the exact generation you are after, the different powerplants is the biggest distinction in causing variations in prices.

An original 1984 model will be in the region of $20,000 with some leeway either side for condition and mileage.

There is quite a special edition being advertised currently that has been dry stored since it rolled off the production line, first in a museum and then in a private collectors garage; it has just 3 factory test miles on the clock. If you are looking for a collectors piece and an investment then you should check that awesome original Street Glide out here.

$9,000-$14,000 is the price point for a 2006-2011 model in the US whereas you will be looking at around £10,000 in the UK, with far fewer of this generation available on that side of the Atlantic.

$15,000/£15,000 is about right for a 2011-2017.

Then prices increase from 2017 onwards for a modern model.

You can expect to pay extra for any of the ST, and Special editions from any model year, these can reach from $20,000-$30,000 or beyond.

2022 Harley Davidson Street Glide prices :

(Motorcycles prices listed are based on Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, MSRP)

Street Glide – $21,430/ Not available in the UK

Street Glide Special – $27,449/ £26,995

Street Glide ST – $29,999/ £28,995

CVO Street Glide – $41,899/ £37,195

When you compare used prices with new bikes, you can make a great saving by buying an older model and the ride quality is just as good and capable.

Restoring a Street Glide

Parts are readily available for the Street Glide from both Harley Davidson themselves and other manufacturers of aftermarket cruiser parts.

Restoring an original ’80’s model will be slightly harder to do than the 2006 onwards, but the pay out will be greater as the original bikes are considered classics at this point.

Parts can be found and eBay is your best source to get you started.

One note is that the very first Street Glide didn’t receive the best reception and many riders don’t even think about the 80’s Street Glide, with many online only discussing the model from 2006/7 onwards. This could mean you have to search for a buyer who will appreciate a restored early bike, so patience will be key.

Is the Street Glide a good investment?

Spanning such a long period of time, this is one Harley Davidson that can make for an excellent investment providing you pick the right one.

As is true with most motorcycles, the first edition is often the best choice for an investment, in this case hunting for a 1984 model will serve you well if it is in excellent condition.

The 2006/7 model is also a firm favourite as it was considered to be the first factory custom bagger that made people stand up and pay attention to what Harley Davidson were doing and the direction they were taking.

Also, a Street Glide Special, ST, CVO of any generation is a good choice for investment purposes as they are the most coveted, most expensive at time of release and come stock with performance upgrades etc.

There are a few very heavily custom Harley Davidson Street Glides for sale that have been given a ‘Low-Rider’ bagger makeover. Some of these are excellent with only premium parts having been used and performance enhancements made.

In this case these are worth their money and will likely hold their money regardless of the less classic, timeless design.

However, there are some that are less focused on performance and more about styling. These will be down to personal taste and will fall in line with the current trends in the custom world or not.

If you are looking for an investment it would be wise to stick with a fully original bike as opposed to a custom job as they can be hard to sell on and aftermarket parts don’t hold their value as well as the originals.

Harley Davidson Street Glide Verdict

Not all motorcycle models are created equal and you don’t get to claim the title of being the best selling model of Harley Davidson without having exceptional durability, bags of style, being a plush ride and having countless other features that attract a huge following.

The Street Glide has been a Harley Davidson series that has stood the test of time, found its place and intends to stay there. While Harley’s touring line isn’t for me; I certainly appreciate what people do with their Street Glides and I am a big fan of the custom Harley Bagger scene in to which the bike slots in perfectly.

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