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The Worlds Only Puffer Motorcycle Jacket

So, you didn’t know you could get a puffer jacket that was specifically designed for motorcycling? That’s ok, neither did I. To be fair, I didn’t even know what a puffer jacket was until I got this one.

Australian company Saint make unbreakable biker gear and work wear and they’re more than a little confident in their products – more on that later.

Puffer Jacket Review

puffer jacket with detachable hood

Its taken me a while to finish this review. Not because I didn’t get around to clocking some miles wearing it but because I didn’t want to sing its praises only to discover later that it doesn’t stand up to the wetter, colder Manx weather.

I needn’t have worried, once the temperature dropped it came into its own. The down filling together with the windproof (and waterproof) liner kept me warm and snug. Even an evening blast over the mountain was a joy, something I usually avoid due to how cold it gets up the top once the Sun sets.


  • Removable hood
  • 5000mm durable water repellent coating
  • Inner sleeve and cuff adjustments
  • Cordura outer shell
  • 100% recycled down filling
  • huge map pocket in the back
  • Back pocket for D30 Armour
  • Pockets for D30 T5 EVO armour in shoulders and elbow

I wore it to the pub one Friday night as it was raining and the jacket got plenty of attention, I suspect because it was on my back instead of the usual old army jacket. One guy asked me where I’d robbed it from!

Every time I’ve told someone it’s a motorcycle jacket I’ve been met with surprise so if you like to arrive at your destination without giving away the fact you came on a bike, this is the type of jacket you will like.


Its a great looking jacket that’s warm and keeps the rain out but so do most decent motorcycle jackets so what makes this one different?

Apart from being the only puffer jacket made for bikers, there are a few things I’ve noticed that puts this on the next level up from your mid price motorcycle jacket.

For example, the zip has a pvc cover to help keep water and wind out. I was told by a friend who’s owned several Puffer jackets that this is pretty standard on the expensive ones but I can’t remember ever seeing this on any other motorcycle jacket, not at this price point anyway.

I wonder why regular motorcycle jackets don't do zips like this?
A close up image of the zip detail

There’s a sewn in lanyard attachment in the front right pocket for your wallet, keys etc. which again was something I hadn’t come across with any of my other motorcycle jackets.

The biggest bonus for me though was the extended back. I have purchased more than one jacket only for it to ride half way up my back when I sit on the Bobber.

extended back of the Saint puffer jacket
The extended back is ideal for those who ride bikes that require a stretch for the bars

With the Saint jacket the extended back hangs down preventing my back from being exposed to the wind.

Finally, the inner sleeve is extremely stretchy so it’s tight around your wrists preventing wind from getting up your arms.


Much like a regular Puffer, this is definitely not for the Summer. It’s fine while you are moving but once stood at a red light you will soon realise its just too warm. In the end I limited myself to late evening rides during the height of Summer until the temperature started to drop at the end of September.

It comes into its own though once the nights start drawing in and I’m 100% sure this jacket has increased my riding season by at least 2 additional months, one before and one after Winter.

I’ve been out riding today in 3°C (37.4°F) with the jacket and heated grips on with no problems at all.

Despite it being a Puffer it’s not too bulky either, even with the armour fitted. The jacket I’m wearing in all the photos and video has the D30 Ghost armour on the elbows and shoulders.

It costs just $250 US which is great value for money. The recommended D30 Ghost armour for the jacket is another $65.

More info on their website here.

I will be ordering myself a pair of their jeans for next year so watch for the review of those coming next Spring.

Who Are Saint Unbreakable?

They’re based in Melbourne, Australia but don’t let that put you off as they ship worldwide.

In 2014 they were the worlds first company to develop a CE rated single layer denim. They blended it with materials that stretch to create a protective jean that looked and felt like a regular pair of denims.

Since then they’ve expanded to include several denim jackets and even do leather motorcycle jackets as well as a line of workwear.

I got an email this Summer asking if Saint could send me one of their products for a critical review. I get 2 or 3 similar emails a week but this one stood out because they already answered my usual response to this type of email by stating they expected a critical review rather than the usual “here’s some free stuff, give us a nice review.”

So, wondering why I’d never heard of them I checked out their website. They had some really interesting gear including the Puffer jacket they ended up sending me plus some great looking biker jeans.

By this time I’m really hoping they will send me something but whenever an overseas company have made contact with a similar request and even if we’ve got past my email pointing out we do thorough and honest reviews so it’s not a given the review will be flattering, interest soon falls away once they find out how much it costs to send bulky items to the Isle of Man, home of the famous TT races and yours truly.

So it was a bit of a pleasant surprise when Dave replied to my email with the requested chest size and shipping address with nothing more than a “thanks for that, we’ll get something in the post tomorrow.”

I like a company to have complete confidence in their products, it almost always means they’re very good. Saint are no exception.

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