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BMW G 310 GS – A Great First Adventure Bike

The BMW G 310 GS is an adventure bike designed to meet the challenges of the city streets and beyond. With its state-of-the-art technology and robust build, this motorcycle from BMW Motorrad is a great introduction to adventure motorcycling.

Let’s take a deeper look and see how it stacks up against its competition.

BMW G 310 GS Review

BMW G 310 GS

The BMW G 310 GS is a compact, lightweight adventure motorcycle that is designed for both on-and off-road riding. It is powered by a 313cc water-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces a respectable 34 bhp and is paired with a six-speed transmission and a chain final drive.

Amazingly the little GS has a ride by wire system and multi level adjustable clutch, which when used together with the optimized engine gives a smooth power delivery and almost seamless shifting.

One of the standout features of the G 310 GS is its versatility. It has a 19-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel, which provides a good balance between on-road stability and off-road capability.

The suspension is comprised of 41mm gold anodized inverted fork which is none adjustable at the front and a pre-load adjustable monoshock at the rear to provide a comfortable ride at all times.


In terms of electronics, the G 310 GS is practically bare when comparing to its larger siblings. It does come equipped with BMWs own ABS system and a simple instrument cluster that displays speed, fuel level, and other essential information.

LED headlights, new led brake lights and LED flashing turn indicators complete the lineup.


Rather than cloning the looks of bigger BMW Motorcycles GS range with their traditional mismatched headlight design, BMW opted to give the little GS its own look with new LED headlights and a longer front beak than its siblings, a good call from the design department here.

Another highlight of the G 310 GS is its compact size, making it easy to manoeuvre both on and off the road. It is also relatively light, weighing in at just 175 kg, this coupled with the option of a low seat or high seat makes it a great option for riders of all sizes and abilities.

Both clutch and brake levers are adjustable to 4 levels.

The sturdy luggage carrier serves as the base for all your camp gear and roll bag when you head off for all those planned weekend motorcycle camping trips.

Dirt Road capabilities

Unfortunately the “GS” in the bikes name is a deception to its capabilities in the dirt. Whereas it’s relatively light weight and seat height puts it in good stead to head off-road and the smooth single cylinder engine is a fantastic unit with power all through the revs, instant engine throttle response and a full six gears to utilise, the rest of the bike lets it down.

The ABS system is not switchable, the wheels are cast rather than spoke and the exhaust is as low as a street bike, however these are the smaller nit-picks when compared to the suspension.

On the road, the stable inverted fork provides precise steering and is great for soaking up pot holes and even gives you a bit of confidence to tip it over a little in the corners without feeling as though you’ll end up sliding along the tarmac moments later.

As soon as you take the small Beemer off-road it’s as though the suspension has completely forgotten what it is there to do. Ask it to go over some hard packed track and ruts or large rocky terrain and it becomes a crazy bull desperately trying to dislodge its rider at a rodeo unless you slow the pace down to a crawl.

Overall, the BMW G 310 GS is a well-rounded, versatile machine that is suitable for most riders. Its compact size, lightweight design, and proven GS ergonomics make it a great option for the urban jungle and also to ride long-distance.

However, don’t ask it to actually leave the tarmac for anything more than compact, even ground or light gravel.

BMW G 310 GS Specifications


  • Engine:                Liquid-cooled, four valves, DOHC, single cylinder engine

  • Capacity:             313 cc

  • Max Power:        34 bhp / 25 kW @ 9,500 rpm

  • Max Torque:      28 Nm / 20.7 lb ft @ 10,000 rpm

  • Transmission:             6-speed manual – Slipper clutch – Chain drive

  • Top speed:         89 mph / 143 kph

  • Fuel capacity:     11 L / 2.9 US Gal

  • Seat height:        820 mm / 32.2 inches LOW, 835 mm / 32.9 inches STANDARD, 850 mm / 33.5 inches TALL

  • Wet weight:       175 kg / 385.8 lb

List Price (UK & North America)

The RRP price of the BMW G 310 GS at the time of writing is £5,890 road ready in the UK and $5,695 in the US.

Is the BMW G 310 GS a good beginner bike?

The BMW G 310 GS is a versatile bike that can be a good option for beginners, as long as they are comfortable with its size and weight.

One of the advantages of the G 310 GS is its manageable size and optional seat heights, which can make it accessible for riders with a shorter inseam. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a smooth and responsive engine that is easy to control, and its upright and comfortable seating position can make it less intimidating for new riders.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the G 310 GS is still a relatively large bike, and it can be heavy for some beginners. So, it’s important for new riders to have a solid understanding of bike basics, such as balance and control, before jumping on the G 310 GS.

What is the difference between the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS?

The BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS are both part of BMW Motorcycles G 310 series of motorcycles, but they are designed for different riding styles and purposes.

The BMW G 310 R is a naked sports bike that is designed for the urban jungle and weekend fun. It has a sporty and aggressive appearance, with a minimalist design that emphasizes the engine and frame. The rider is leaned more forward, compared to the upright posture of the G 310 GS, which makes it more suitable for aggressive twisty roads.

On the other hand, the G 310 GS is an adventure-style bike that is designed for off-road and long-distance. It has a taller and more upright seating position, a windscreen, and a higher ground clearance, which makes it well-suited for long rides and basic off-roading.

So, the main difference between the two bikes is their riding position and their intended purpose. If you’re looking for a fun and sporty bike for city riding, the BMW G 310 R would be a great option. If you’re looking for an adventure bike that can handle a wide range of riding conditions, the G 310 GS would be the better choice. 

How does the BMW G 310 GS compare to its competitors?

In the 300cc motorcycle class the G 310 GS is at the higher end of the price range but it does compete well when you consider build quality and refinement.

When compared to similarly sized adventure bikes on the market, such as the Kawasaki Versys-X 300, the KTM 390 Adventure, and the Royal Enfield Himalayan it stands up well.

The BMW G 310 GS is well-balanced, with a smooth and responsive engine and nimble handling. Additionally, the bike is equipped with modern technologies such as ABS and a multi-function instrument display, which sets it apart from some of its more basic competitors.

Compared to the Kawasaki Versys-X 300, the BMW G 310 GS has a more distinctive styling and a more premium feel, but the Kawasaki is the more affordable.

The KTM 390 Adventure offers more performance, with a more powerful engine, a sportier riding position and much better suspension for off-road riding but it’s also more expensive.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a more budget-friendly scrambler / Adventure bike option, but it is not as refined or well-equipped as the BMW. 


I really want to love the mini-GS. I owned a 2000 F 650 GS for a few years and thought it was a fantastic and robust machine and with the G 310 GS stealing a few of its looks and size from the old 650GS I had high hopes.

Its water cooled engine is a classy piece of engineering and on the road it’s a joy to ride and out classes it’s immediate competition up until the point where you head off-road.

It really is a handful to control on rough ground and over large rock strewn areas? Forget it. The suspension is not made to handle anything more than gravel or compact dirt which is a real shame as the rest of the small GS is great.

All is not lost for the small Beemer. A UK company called Rally Raid Products have created several G 310 GS kits such as this rear suspension upgrade that turn the bike it should have been, however it does come at a price. £958 to be exact, and that’s just the start of what they can offer to really change the bike around, but I digress. 

The G 310 GS is a great bike, with a fit and finish that feels like it will last. The engine is smooth, has enough power and the bike is great on the road over both short and long distances…just avoid the rough stuff.

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