What Your Helmet Says About Your Riding Style

They say that after choosing your motorcycle, picking out your helmet is the second hardest decision you are going to make.

I’m not so sure about that as I’ve added half a dozen jackets to my wardrobe but only 2 helmets since becoming a born again biker!

Anyway, I just found this infographic (shown below) arguing that your choice of helmet says a lot about the type of rider you are (are want to be).

My own choice of lid is an open faced helmet and I ride a Triumph Bobber.

It was definitely a fashion choice as I just couldn’t see a full face looking right on a Bobber. Having said that, it’s a bar hopper rather than a tourer. If I was to plan a long road trip I may well go for a full face for comfort as much as safety.

Comments below on your ride and type of helmet please.

Image above  via  Total Motorcycle

What Does Your Motorcycle Helmet Say About You?

From Visually.


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