About Timeless 2 Wheels

I started Timeless2wheels.com as a way of charting my progress as I looked to return to motorcycling for the first time this century.

You can read about my past and how I got into motorcycling as a 1970’s kid, gave it up as a married man only for the fire to burn again once the retro motorcycles started appearing here.

The short version is that I wasn’t long in choosing my new ride once I laid eyes on the (at the time) new Triumph Bobber. Rather than give up the blog and let it sit and gather cyber dust I continued to add info that returning bikers like myself would hopefully find useful.

Today, with the help of knowledgeable contributors such as Jamie and Emily Timeless2wheels continues to evolve into a resource for all lovers of classically styled motorcycles.

Starting The Store

I spent my time during the Covid lockdown adding the new merchandise Store to the blog. I had come up with the idea some time ago but just hadn’t found the time to actually sit down and figure out how to put it all together. Careful what you wish for eh!

As it turned out it wasn’t too difficult. I had already got some Bobber designs that I had done and had printed last year so I new how to do that side of the business. It was just a case of coming up with a load more design ideas, finding a reliable fulfilment service, adding a shopping cart, a way to collect payments etc.

Once set up I placed several orders to check the quality of the shirts, printing and speed of delivery and then went live and so far so good.