Cafe Racers

Do Café Racers Hurt Your Back?

For twenty-five years, I’ve physically suffered with back problems after having a spectacular crash on my ZXR. (Actually, it wasn’t that spectacular, but did leave me suffering from a number of health problems since, including […]

1980's muscle bike
Classic Motorcycles

1980’s Motorcycles – My Personal Picks

The 80’s were a great decade for motorcycles. The Japanese had beaten their European competition and were now battling between themselves which meant we got some amazing motorcycles. From the V-Max 1200, the ultimate muscle bike to the Honda VFR750R RC30, built purely for speed. […]

Which is the best oil for your motorcycle
Biker Life

Best Engine Oil For Bikes

With so many brands and types available how do you know which is the best oil for your bike? What exactly does 10W30 mean? Can you use car engine oil instead of bike oil? How often should you change your motorcycle oil? […]