What is the Meaning of CC in Bikes?

When you are looking to buy your first motorcycle you are going to quickly realise that the manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the CC of their bikes. What…


Motorcycle camping

Motorcycle Camping – Planning a Great Road Trip

Motorcycle camping is one of my favourite things to do. Despite being British I have a fascination with the old west and have a collection of Zane Grey and Louis…

Beeline Moto - Worlds best motorcycle sat nav

Beeline Moto Review – Is This The Best Motorcycle Sat Nav?

If you are on the hunt for the best motorcycle sat nav on the market you are going to want to read on to discover more about my Beeline Moto…

16 best liter bikes

Liter Bike Class – 16 of The Best

Here’s a compilation of liter bikes, past and present, who’s presence would grace any bikers shed. Before we look at them though, what constitutes as a liter bike? What is…

16 liter bikes

aviator goggles

Retro Motorcycle Goggles – Halcyon Mk49, Mk9 & Mk410 Compared

One of my more successful accessory buys was a pair of retro motorcycle goggles. I’ve had the Halcyon Mk9 aviator goggles nearly 5 years now and here you can read…

aviator goggles

Triumph Daytona is one of the best sport bikes to come out of England

Cheap Sport Bikes – 13 Used Motorcycles Under 6K

Decent sport bikes come with a hefty price tag when new. Something like the Yamaha YZF R1 will set you back $20K on finance yet well looked after early models…

Triumph Daytona is one of the best sport bikes to come out of England


125cc motorbikes – 11 Cool Options For A1 Licence Holders

You’re 17 years old, have completed your CBT and you have your A1 licence. You’re ready to finally enjoy the freedom owning a motorcycle can provide. You don’t want just…

Honda shadow 750 – An Affordable and Novice Friendly Cruiser

The Honda Shadow 750 has been synonymous with the Cruiser motorcycle scene since 1983 when it was first introduced as a means to compete in the American market where Harley…

Honda CB 300 R – A Great Roadster For Beginners

We are going to take a look at the Honda CB300R starting with a review, its specs and whether we think it is a good bike for beginners. The Honda…

Bobber bikes

Bobber Bikes – 14 Bobbers You Can Own Today

The original low slung Bobber bikes were stock American motorcycles which the owner would lighten by removing all none essential parts. Those huge fenders on the big ol’ Harley’s and…

naked suzuki bikes

Suzuki Naked Bike Line Up

Naked motorcycles are one of the most popular types of bikes and Suzuki have several across their line-up to cater for all bikers regardless of experience. Let’s have a look…

Suzuki Naked Bikes

Motorcycle chain cleaning tips

Motorcycle Chain Cleaning

With all the dirt, grime, mud and various other things found on the road or a trail, motorcycle chains can get really, really dirty. Imagine a golden retriever who’s been…

9 streetfighter helmets

Streetfighter Helmets – 9 Mean and Moody Looking Lids

There are some really cool helmets on the market at the moment with manufacturers tailoring their designs to current tastes and styles of motorcycles.  Among some of the most badass…

BMW R 18

BMW R 18 Cruiser With Vintage Styling and the Biggest Boxer Engine Yet

The BMW R 18 was introduced to the world during the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020 although concept images had been circulating prior to this and the model had been…


BMW S 1000 R Roadster With Track DNA

In 2014 BMW Motorcycles decided to give their fans what they had been waiting for, the S 1000 R Roadster. A stripped back naked version of their supreme racing bike…


KTM Duke 1290

KTM Duke 1290 R – Buy The New Evo or a Used 2020 Model?

The KTM 1290 Super Duke R was released in 2014. It was explosive in its entry to the Hyper Naked class and then in 2020 it received a major overhaul…

BMW R NineT Scrambler

BMW R NineT Scrambler Review

Back in 2014 BMW released the R NineT and it hit the world like a Mike Tyson right hook. It was a muscular roadster that turned heads and had a…

Cafe Racer boots

Stylmartin Rocket Boots – Vintage Cafe Racer Styling

It was while researching a recent article as to why you shouldn’t wear Doc Martens as motorcycle boots that I came across the Stylmartin Rocket boots. Stylmartin market the Rocket…

cafe racer boots

naked kawasaki bikes

Naked Kawasaki Bikes – From Learner Friendly to Supercharged

Naked Kawasaki bikes are some of the most popular motorcycles available. Taking all the best bits of their fully faired Ninja sportsbikes, stripping them down for a muscular look that’s…

kawasaki naked bikes

10 Yamaha Naked Bikes

Yamaha Naked Bikes – 10 Motorcycles For All Budgets

Yamaha knows a thing or two about producing incredible motorcycles, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon they remain one of the worlds biggest motorcycle manufacturers. Part of that…

European motorcycle touring tips

European Motorcycle Touring – Tips For a Great Adventure

With the world learning how to live again maybe it’s time to finally do some of that European motorcycle touring that you have been dreaming about for the last few…

Continental GT 650

Continental GT 650 – A 60’s Café Racer Throwback

Royal Enfield hit it out of the park when they released the Continental GT 650, it is the ultimate value café racer that I am completely in love with.  Sure…

Types of helmet explained

Types of Motorcycle Helmet Explained (Novice Friendly)

You have spent the last 2 months debating on which bike to purchase and finally it’s on order. Now you’re quickly discovering that with so many types of motorcycle helmets…

Best GoPro for motorcycle riders

Best GoPro for Motorcycle Riders

With so many conventional action cameras on the market it’s hard to know which of them are best suited to motorcycling. Here Emily has compared all the GoPro range as…

motorcycle helmets - 17 must know facts for the novice rider

A Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Helmets – 17 Answers To The Most FAQ

Your motorcycle helmet will be the most important bit of safety gear you purchase. Here’s 17 common questions and their answers to help you choose, maintain and get the most…

beginners guide to motorcycle helmets

are doc Martens good for motorcycle riding

Are Doc Martens Good For Motorcycle Riding?

Doc Martens have been around my whole life. As a teen in 1970’s Britain they were always the ‘must have’ boot. They were and still are, a fashionable boot, made…

How long do motorcycle tires last

How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?

Motorcycle tires don’t last forever, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out, but they can also last a lot longer in storage than you might think….

are triumphs reliable?

Are Triumph Motorcycles Reliable?

Modern Triumph’s are known to be great bikes. They’re rock solid, reliable, durable and will serve their owners for many miles and riding years.   Like many British motorcycle brands, Triumph…

Suter MMX 500

Suter MMX 500 – V4 Two Stroke GP Racer

While many two-stroke icons have their roots back to the 1980’s and 90’s, there is one that is much more modern and just as worthy as praise, that modern two-stroke…

riding a motorcycle at night

Riding a Motorcycle at Night

Sometimes riding a motorcycle can become a little sketchy, bad weather is one example but another is definitely riding a motorcycle at night.  Many of us avoid riding at night…

Benelli Sei was the worlds first 6 cylinder motorcycle

Benelli Sei – First Production Motorcycle With 6 Cylinders

Mention 6 cylinders to most bikers and an image of the Honda CBX immediately pops into their head yet it was the Italian Benelli Sei that was actually the first…

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