Are motorcycles cheaper than cars
Biker Life

Are Motorcycles Cheaper Than Cars?

The cost of an average motorcycle is a lot less than that of an average car but is it as simple that? Are motorcycles really cheaper than cars once you factor in maintenance, insurance etc? […]

What is a cafe racer jacket
Cafe Racers

What Is a Cafe Racer Jacket?

Are you looking for a Cafe Racer jacket to wear as a fashion statement or for something that not only looks cool but also protects you should you come off your motorcycle? Either way I […]

The Indian Scout Bobber

Are Bobbers Good Beginner Motorcycles?

Do Bobbers make good beginner bikes? This question pops up in comments and emails so Simon looks at why some Bobbers definitely make ideal first bikes while others would be more suited to riders with a few years under their belts first. […]

classic scrambler motorcycle

What Is a Scrambler Motorcycle?

Are you loving the Scrambler looks but unsure exactly what a Scrambler is or is capable of? Here I look at the history of the Scrambler from its origins in the deserts of California and the countryside of England to the current modern day retro Scramblers. […]

a modern classic - the triumph bobber

What Is a Modern Classic Motorcycle?

A modern classic motorcycle is styled to look like it belongs to a bygone era yet offers the rider the safety and reliability of a modern motorcycle. Although not always the case, generally modern classics are chosen for their looks and the performance is secondary. […]