Is the Indian Scout Bobber a Good First Bike?

Is the Indian Scout Bobber a good first bike?

If you have your heart set on an Indian Bobber but you lack ‘big’ bike experience, you have a tough decision ahead. Is the Indian Scout Bobber a good first bike? The Indian Scout Bobber has all the makings of a good first bike. In particular, the Scout Bobber Sixty is an ideal entry to … Read more

What is a Bobber Motorcycle?

Custom Triumph Bobber

Ever wondered what it is that makes a Bobber unique from other motorcycles? In this article you’re going to discover what makes a Bobber bike worthy of the title, their origins and attributes and a look at todays modern interpretation of the classic Bobber looks. What is a Bobber motorcycle? A Bobber is a motorcycle … Read more

Indian Scout Vs Scout Bobber – What’s The Difference

Indian Scout vs Scout Bobber

A common question that comes up when looking at the Indian Scout line up is what’s the difference between the various models? Is it purely styling or more? Good News! I’ve been doing some research and laid out the nitty gritty below, let’s end the confusion now. What’s The Difference Between the Indian Scout and … Read more

Are Bobbers Good For Long Rides?

where are Triumph Bobbers made

After my planned trip to the Western Isles of Scotland was put on hold by the Covid lockdown I decided to test the comfort of my Bobber by doing a few hundred miles (mostly none stop) around the Isle of Man TT course. Are Bobbers good for long rides? I consider my Bobber to be … Read more

Bobber Bikes – 14 Bobbers You Can Own Today

Bobber bikes

The original low slung Bobber bikes were stock American motorcycles which the owner would lighten by removing all none essential parts. Those huge fenders on the big ol’ Harley’s and Indians of the 1920’s and 30’s would be shortened or ‘bobbed’ and the Bobber culture was born. Nothing will ever replace the satisfaction of building … Read more

Are Bobbers Good Beginner Motorcycles?

The Indian Scout Bobber

If you are just getting into riding motorcycles, then it is a good idea to buy a ride that is appropriate for your skill level. There are several comments on T2W as well as emails asking if Bobber bikes make a suitable first motorcycle? Are Bobbers Good Beginner Bikes? With their low seat height and … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Bobber?

The cost of building a custom Bobber motorcycle

Ever wondered how much it would cost to build a Bobber? It makes sense to try and narrow the cost down as accurately as possible so you can budget accordingly. I’ve looked at various options and come up with some numbers for you. So how much does it cost to build a Bobber? To convert a … Read more

Triumph Bobber – 3 Year Review

Bonneville Bobber at the Manx Motor Museum

I’m just coming to the end of my third Summer as a Triumph Bobber owner. I’ve had a great time with the Bobber and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into motorcycling. What follows is how I came to choose the Bonneville Bobber, how I’ve made it my own and how I’ve found it over the … Read more

Triumph Bobber Tool Bag From Bike Bros

Tool bag by Bike Bros

I spotted the tool bag on a custom Triumph Bobber done by the Bike Bros in Germany. I preferred the look of it to the official Triumph offering so contacted them via Facebook to see if they had any plans to produce some to sell to the Triumph Bobber community. The answer was yes and … Read more

Victory Motorcycles – End Of The Road

Victory motorcycle

Sad news this week with the announcement that Victory Motorcycles had reached the end of the road. Most of the magazines carried the story although not many offered an opinion as to why the parent owner is sacrificing the brand to concentrate on it’s Indian motorcycles. Polaris Industries announced today that it plans to halt production … Read more

Bonneville Bobber – First Look Video

The Triumph stand was particularly busy at this years Motorcycle show at the NEC (Birmingham, England) when I visited on Friday and it seemed most like me were wanting a first sight in the flesh of the eagerly awaited new Bonneville Bobber. Here’s a video I took of it on the 360 turntable together with … Read more

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Bottles The Bar Hopper Looks

More Retro than Bobber

The Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber looks the business at first glance but after staring at it for a while you start to wonder why Moto Guzzi bottled the bar hopper look. I’ve watched quite a few videos about the V9 Bobber motorcycle but the one below was probably the best of the independent reviews. It’s quite … Read more