Custom Triumph Bobber

What is a Bobber Motorcycle?

Ever wondered what it is that makes a Bobber unique from other motorcycles? In this article you’re going to discover what makes a Bobber bike worthy of the title, their origins and attributes and a […]

The Indian Scout Bobber

Are Bobbers Good Beginner Motorcycles?

Do Bobbers make good beginner bikes? This question pops up in comments and emails so Simon looks at why some Bobbers definitely make ideal first bikes while others would be more suited to riders with a few years under their belts first. […]

Bonneville Bobber at the Manx Motor Museum

Triumph Bobber – 3 Year Review

Having owned the Triumph Bobber for just over a year I figured it was time to put some thoughts about the bike down. Here’s why I came to choose the Bobber and how I’ve found it these past 12 months. If you are considering the Bonneville Bobber you should find this a useful read. […]