Honda GB500 TT – A Very British Japanese Motorcycle

You could argue that the Honda GB500 TT is a Japanese copy of iconic British single cylinder machines that at one time dominated motorcycling and in particular the Isle of Man TT podiums.  Or you could take the stance which I prefer and view it as a motorcycle built to show the utmost respect and … Read more

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport – Worlds First Production Cafe Racer

The Moto Guzzi V7 Sport is perhaps the Italian marques most important motorcycle to date. It is certainly one of the most praised and admired Guzzi that you could come across. It is known as the original factory cafe racer.  The bike laid the foundation for the well received Le Mans and indeed even 50 … Read more

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Review & Buyers Guide

The Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans caught the world’s attention when released in 1976 and it has continued to captivate ever since, developing an adoring audience that keeps the motorcycle relevant and has turned it into a designated classic motorcycle from the 70’s. It is well worth both writing and reading about so let’s get … Read more

Harley Davidson XLCR – The American Café Racer

Harley Davidson XLCR

The Harley Davidson XLCR was the first and only attempt by the company at a café racer style motorcycle. Perhaps ‘café racer’ isn’t the style you think of when considering Harley Davidson motorcycles unless perhaps, you are discussing custom bikes.  Typically born out of Brits stripping down their Triumph’s, Norton’s etc. the ‘café racer’ vibe … Read more

Do Café Racers Hurt Your Back?

For twenty-five years, I’ve physically suffered with back problems after having a spectacular crash on my ZXR. (Actually, it wasn’t that spectacular, but did leave me suffering from a number of health problems since, including having my pelvis shored up with metalwork).  Summer is rolling round, and I keep on promising myself a new bike. … Read more

What is a Cafe Racer?

Since the 2009 second coming of Cafe Racers the genre has gone from strength to strength. Lots of manufacturers have one in their stable and in general they at least try to stick to the original 1950’s definition of what a Cafe Racer is. What is a Cafe Racer? A Cafe Racer is a motorcycle … Read more

Café Racer v Sports Bike: What’s the difference?

cafe racer vs sportsbike

The Cafe Racer v Sports Bike dilemma pops up in my inbox more than most. Usually they’re from someone who rides a Sports Bike but giving serious thought to purchasing a Cafe Racer. Cafe Racer v Sports Bike – What’s the main difference? The short answer is that a sports bike is a machine bred … Read more

What Is a Cafe Racer Jacket?

What is a cafe racer jacket

Are you looking for a Cafe Racer jacket to wear as a fashion statement or for something that not only looks cool but also protects you should you come off your motorcycle? Either way I have some personal picks below. What is a Cafe Racer jacket? The modern interpretation of the Cafe racer jacket first … Read more

Which Cafe Racer Is Best For A Beginner?

why are cafe racers so popular? Because of productions motorcycles like this

Jon from North Wales asked if there is a production Cafe Racer available that’s suitable for a beginner. He’s always loved Cafe Racers and now he has his A2 licence, is keen to own one. Which is the best Cafe Racer for a beginner? The Triumph Street Cup is the best production Cafe Racer for … Read more

Which Is The Best Cafe Racer For Big Guys?

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

By their nature Cafe Racers don’t lend themselves well to big guys. They can can make you feel cramped at the best of times and if you’re over 6 ft then it can become uncomfortable very quickly. Here I look at the options for those bigger guys who have their heart set on a Cafe … Read more