Harley Davidson XR1000 – 1983 American Classic

Harley Davidson was bought back from AMF in 1981 with Willie. G. Davidson at the helm. The XR1000 was meant to be the fierce machine that reminded the pubic why HD remained top dog. Let’s have a look at the Harley Davidson XR1000 and you can decide whether it achieved it’s goal or not.  History … Read more

1930s Motorcycles – 13 Vintage Classics of the Thirties

Vincent motorcycle

The 1930s were a big decade for the motorcycle industry. The 1920s saw developments on the original pioneer motorcycles, going from bicycles with engines to full on motorcycles, they even saw in the worlds first Superbike with the Brough Superior.  The 1930s however, was a time for pushing boundaries, improving engine design and going hell … Read more

Motorcycles of the 80s – 25 Iconic Bikes of the Decade

For me, the standout memories of the motorcycles of the 80s was the fascination with turbo bikes, improved (faster) two stroke machines and the Japanese manufacturers stepping on Harley Davidsons toes with their own cheaper V-twin cruiser models. Kawasaki 80s Motorcycles As it was for all the big four Japanese motorcycle companies, the 1980’s were … Read more

AJS Motorcycles – 8 Classic Bikes

AJS Motorcycles is one of the longest surviving British motorcycle companies to date. Founded in Wolverhampton, the Stevens brothers, Harry, Joe Junior, George and the company’s namesake Albert John (or Jack, as he was more popularly known as) created AJS in 1909. It was their dream to manufacture a motorcycle to win at the Isle … Read more

Ariel Square Four Classic Motorcycle

Ariel Square Four

The Ariel Square Four was a completely new design and had a spectacular impact on the motorcycle design industry in the 1930’s and then beyond.  It was a tough, endurance workhorse capable of nearing 100 mph that stood the test of time. Let’s take a look at what made it so great. Ed Turner and … Read more

1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500

The 1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500 was a revolutionary motorcycle, it was the birth of the parallel twin. Most, if not all British twins that followed owed a debt to both Edward Turner and his Triumph 500 Speed Twin. Whilst it was not the first of its kind, it was lighter, narrower and most … Read more

Future Motorcycle Classics of the 90’s

I write quite regularly about some of the older bikes that I now fancy – Katana 1100, RD500, FZR1000 … all eighties motorcycles, all ‘old school’ that brings back memories of my youth, although for the main part, I was too young to ride them; in 1988, I would have been 17.  So why wouldn’t … Read more

1980’s Motorcycles – My Personal Picks

1980's muscle bike

I was born in 1971, brought up in a motorcycling household, and as we grew older, bikes were just part of our life; Dad owned a very cool Bonnie, my eldest brother also owned a Bonnie, as did many of his friends, although fast Japanese stuff was just creeping in to the group – a … Read more