Harley Davidson XR750 Worlds Most Successful Racer

The Harley Davidson XR750 is an Icon. Dominating the flat track for decades, its impact on the motorcycle world should never be underestimated. Harley Davidson XR750 History  2020 marked 50 years since the arrival of the Harley XR750 and wow what a 50 years it has been for the orange and black rocket.  It’s inception … Read more

Suzuki GT750 – A Buy to Ride Classic

The Suzuki GT750 was an oddball machine when it first made an entrance way back in 1971. Known as the Kettle, Water bottle or Water Buffalo, the GT750 rolled off the production line as Suzuki’s answer to the dawn of the superbike, but in the end it was best suited as a tourer. Let’s have … Read more

Norton Commando 750

The Norton Commando 750 was a breakthrough in British motorcycling history. Despite being released during the UJM takeover, half a million were sold during the decade it was in production. Today, the Norton Commando 750 remains a popular buy to ride classic motorcycle. Norton Commando History  The origins of the early Norton Commando 750’s can … Read more

Honda RC51 : The Duck Hunter

Honda RC51

The Honda RC51 became a legend here on the Isle of Man after Joey Dunlop rode it to his 24th TT win in 2000 – at 48 he was supposed to be too old to drag a heavy superbike 6 times around the worlds toughest road circuit, let alone actually win on it. So when … Read more

Ducati M900 – The Monster That Saved Ducati

With over 37 different variations to date and a bike that accounted for 42% of all Ducati sales throughout the 90’s, it is definitely worth a deeper look into the Ducati M900. Let’s get into it. Ducati Monster History The Ducati M900 is considered by many to be the bike that saved the Italian marque … Read more

Ducati 916 – The Icon of the 90s

Ducati 916

If there was a song written to describe the Ducati 916, it would be Chris De Burgh’s “Lady in Red”. A strange choice I hear you cry, but hold on a moment, let me explain. In the modern era, we know Ducati as a manufacturer of exotic motorcycles, producing some of the most debonair bikes … Read more

Kawasaki Z1 900 – The New York Steak

In 1972 the Kawasaki Z1 900 was a motorcycle born out of a necessity for the survival of the company in an increasingly tough industry.  It was a bold and clever move that catapulted Kawasaki to the leagues of fast, aggressive, power players in the motorcycle world, where they remain to this day.  Let’s take … Read more

Honda CB750 1969 to 1978 – The Original UJM

1969 was a pretty special year, Nixon became President of the United States, the Apollo 11 mission put man on the moon for the first time, the Beatles recorded their final album ‘Abbey Road’ and played their final live performance on the roof of the Apple Studios, Concorde conducted its first test flight, Sesame Street … Read more

1920 Indian Scout – An American Icon

First released in 1920 and then modernised and re-released in 2014, the Indian Scout is centre of attention once again.  The original Indian Scouts are sought after and restoring one can be very expensive, but they are an appreciating classic and a worthy investment.  Keep reading to get into the backstory and the facts you … Read more

Original Triumph Trident 750 Review

T150 Triumph Trident 750

With the release of the new Triumph Trident 660, I thought it would be good to look back at the original Triumph Trident 750 as it has an interesting (British bike fans might say sad) story. The original Triumph Trident 750 was one of the most under-supported ventures Triumph ever started; however, a tidy original … Read more