If you love the old school scrambler looks you will find both modern retro style scramblers as well as a few reviews of the original duel purpose bikes from the sixties and seventies.

BMW R NineT Scrambler

BMW R NineT Scrambler Review

Back in 2014 BMW released the R NineT and it hit the world like a Mike Tyson right hook. It was a muscular roadster that turned heads and had a…

Yamaha DT 250

Yamaha DT250 Duel Sports Bike 1971 to 1982

The Yamaha DT250 started life in 1968 as the DT-1 and it very quickly sold through the initial 12,000 unit production run.  The US market was slowing down and yet…

Honda XL250 – A Great Affordable Classic Scrambler

During the early 1970s, the off-road motorcycle market was in full stride. With models from Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha entering and leaving the showrooms like a revolving door, this had…

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Review

The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 was released in 2016 and it’s name harks back to 1962 when Ducati first started producing the Scrambler.  The 1962 original Ducati Scrambler would go on…

Yamaha XT500 won the first Paris Dakar rally

Yamaha XT500: Dakar-Tested, Adventure-Approved

Take a moment to think of your favorite big dual-sport or adventure bike of all time. Got it in your mind’s eye? Ok. Now, repeat after me: “Thank you, Yamaha…

Yamaha XT500 won the first Paris Dakar rally

Ossa Yankee 500Z

Ossa Yankee 500Z – 1971-1972 American Classic Scrambler

The Ossa Yankee 500Z is possibly one of the most obscure motorcycles that ever existed. It has a fantastical story and while short lived it is still worth delving into…

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 2006 – 2019

The modern Triumph Bonneville Scrambler appeared back in 2006. An off-road styled version of the Triumph Bonneville, it also took many visual cues from the iconic TR6 Trophy, a bike…

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Classic Scramblers – 8 Vintage Enduro Motorcycles

Classic Scramblers are increasing in popularity. They’re easy to restore and fix up and most importantly, they are still cheap. As an entry into vintage motorcycle ownership you would be…

Budget Scrambler motorcycles

9 Cheap Scrambler Motorcycles Under 5K

I’m researching a second bike. Something cheap and cheerful to run around on during the winter months and I’m leaning towards a budget Scrambler as there seems to be plenty…

Original Ducati Scrambler – 1962 to 1976

The original Ducati Scrambler was introduced in 1962 for the American market. They are considered one of the most iconic motorcycles of the 1960’s. First editions were available as a…

classic scrambler motorcycle

What Is a Scrambler Motorcycle?

Are you loving the Scrambler motorcycle looks but unsure exactly what they are or are capable of? Here I look at their history and attempt tdiscover exactly what a Scrambler…

classic scrambler motorcycle

Retro Scramblers


In the 60’s Scrambler was the term for a stripped down motorcycle such as the popular Triumph Trophy. Standard road bikes modified to ‘scramble’ across open lands as fast as possible….

Retro Scramblers

ducati scrambler

Ducati Scrambler Video Reviews

While the Ducati marketing machine were aiming the Scrambler directly at the Hipster, according my Ducati dealer most of the sales have gone to born again bikers. It seems the retro naked look…

ducati scrambler