Write for Us

We are looking for budding writers for Timeless2Wheels.com!

We have so much information about the motorcycle scene but not enough time to write it all, so we’ve decided that it’s time to add a few more writers who are motorcycle fans on board.

How it’ll work

At this point, we’ll come up with a headline for the articles that we want written, and we’ll give you the freedom to research and write them. Once you’ve finished writing it, we’ll look it over and when we think it’s ready, we’ll publish it.

We generally target around 2,500 words and we pay 3p (or 3c if you are in America) per word which comes out to £75 ($75) for articles that we publish.

As you gain experience you’ll get more flexibility in choosing your own topics and writing articles as you like.  Once you reach this point your pay will increase.

What we’re looking for in writers

We’re not looking to hire full-time employees. We only want to pay you for the articles you write.

You don’t have to be a professional writer, but we do need people who can use correct English spelling, grammar, punctuation and a passion for motorcycles is an absolute must.

We want people who can commit to writing a couple of 2500-word articles per month and do the research that goes into that.

As well as being paid you will also have your own Authors box at the end each of your articles.

How to apply

Fill out the form below and attach a .doc or .docx file containing a 1500+ word article about any subject you think would be suitable for Timeless2Wheels.com.  We guarantee that if we choose to use your article for our site, we will pay you for your work.