I don’t know about you but when I got my first road legal bike any motorcycle gear I could get my hands on did the job. My lid was my best mate’s brothers old helmet and the jacket was my old man’s and hadn’t been worn for 20 years.

Nowadays, as older riders we have a disposable income – and boy do we dispose of it!

Below you will find details of the various retro gear I’ve purchased since returning to motorcycling a few years ago. I have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing this motorcycle gear.

My recommendation might not be the dearest on the market as I do like to find a bargain but rest assured I do have high standards. This is the motorcycle gear I use.

Retro Helmets

My top 5 retro motorcycle open faced helmets – 2 of which I own

Retro Jackets

I go through jackets like others through socks. A full review of all my jackets coming soon

Retro Boots

After wearing these boots for some time now I’m more than confident in recommending them to you

Retro Motorcycle Gloves

These are the best Summer gloves I’ve ever owned.

Swing Arm Bag For Triumph Bobber

Purchased from Bike Bros. in Germany and it's stood up well

Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Used the Gerbin XRS-12 heated gloves for 2 years now. Here's my findings