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Gerbing XRS-12 Heated Gloves Review

I purchased a pair of these Gerbing XRS-12 heated gloves the first winter I had the Bobber, actually it was still Autumn.

When I purchased the beach bars for my Bobber from the Bike Bros in Germany they were good enough to clearly warn all potential buyers that “Triumph heated grips can not be used on this handlebar.”

Who cares about heated grips when you can hide all your wiring inside these cool looking bars I thought! I reminded myself about forgoing the heated grips the first time I was out on a fresh, clear Sunday morning well into the Autumn.

Still wearing my Shima Caliber vintage gloves it soon became apparent that these were definitely late Spring, Summer and early Autumn gloves.


At just under £130 there wasn’t much in it between a pair of quality waterproof winter gloves and the Gerbing XRS-12 heated option.

I had already installed the auxiliary power socket and it had been sat behind the engine doing nothing ever since I’d fitted it so going for the heated glove option seemed the obvious choice.

I read through all the various reviews at [sherpa id=”265f4273″] and found the Gerbing heated gloves were by far the most popular.

The [sherpa id=”4de089eb”] were the best seller followed by the [sherpa id=”fcae6b93″] is what I eventually went for.

The ‘S’ in the XRS stands for short as in short cuffs. The XR-12 gloves have a long cuff which can house a rechargeable battery pack so that you don’t have to have them plugged into your auxiliary if you are just doing a short trip.

The batteries give you approximately 3 hours use on the lowest setting so in hindsight, living on the Isle of Man and never more than 30 minutes from home, I probably should have gone for the XR-12 option.

I didn’t like like the long cuff though and many of the reviews were reporting how bulky they were with the battery packs fitted. Plus the batteries and charger have to be purchased separately and cost as much again as the gloves.


Having worn the Shima Vintage gloves all Summer the first thing I noticed was how bulky these feel. It’s like wearing oven gloves for the first 10 minutes or so until you get used to them.

The second thing noticeable is that the cables are going to take some organising. You are going to have it running up the front of your jacket with the heat controller hanging out of the bottom. Then you have a cable running down each jacket sleeve which plug into your gloves.

It’s a bit of a palaver until you get used to doing it.


The benefits definitely out weigh these minor inconveniences though. On the lowest setting I wasn’t sure they were even working until I stopped and took them off. Unlike heated grips the warmth given out from heated gloves is over the entire hands and fingers and thumb so it keeps them nice and comfortable.

On the amber setting you can feel the heat coming through and this keeps your hands nice and toasty. I haven’t really ridden in temperatures low enough to need anything more than this setting. It’s nice to know the extra heat is there though should it be required.

Gerbing heated gloves showing all wiring


If you go for the Gerbing XSR-12 gloves I recommend you go a size up. It actually says this on the product page but stupidly I tend to ignore this type of advice. SBS were good enough to replace my original order for the next size up, no questions asked.

I was at least expecting Mike from customer service to ask if I had followed the advice and gone for a size up from my usual glove size but no, he thankfully spared my blushes. Don’t be like me, take their advice.

The Gerbing XSR-12 gloves have 2 velcro fasteners to ensure a good fit. One is around the wrist to ensure you can keep the heat in and the other on the cuff so you can get it tight enough to go under your jacket sleeves.

heated gloves with safety features


As well as being wind and rain proof thanks to the breathable Hipora® liner the Gerbing XSR-12 heated gloves have been designed to offer plenty of protection should you take a slide. There’s added impact protection on the fingers, thumb and palm and there’s hard knuckle armour.


  • Heats the entire length of each finger, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand within seconds after plugging in
  • Adjustable wrist enclosure
  • Extra protection on knuckles
  • Thinsulate® insulation and brushed liner for added warmth and comfort
  • Thanks to Microwire® Heating Technology you can’t feel the heating element.
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements


One of the downsides to having warm fingers when riding in cold weather is that you notice other parts of your body are cold.

Gerbing do a heated jacket that has the connectors for their heated gloves built into the sleeves. This means you would only need to plug the jacket into your auxiliary and you wouldn’t need to have cables running up your jacket and down your arms. A neat idea if it works and I may look into the jacket this winter.


The Gerbing XRS 12v gloves are a great way to increase your riding season. Yes, the cables are a nuisance but you soon find what works best for your setup and once you are on the road with warm hands you forget all about the wires running down your sleeves.

Quality heated gloves will always out perform heated grips because they heat the back of your hands and fingers as well as the inside.

A heated grip can’t compete with that so for those who commute year long, heated motorcycle gloves are going to be a big improvement in your riding comfort.

If you ride for nothing more than enjoyment then like me, you will find the XRS-12 heated gloves a great way to increase your riding season.

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