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TCX Street Ace Boots Review

TCX street Ace boots

If you are a fan of retro motorcycles, then you want boots that have the looks in keeping with your ride while also providing protection to your feet.

Let’s face it – as retro motorcycle riders it’s important for us to be able to look good while we are riding. Otherwise we’d all be riding about on a boring but practical BMW R1200 GS.

Thankfully, the TCX Street Ace Motorcycle Boots look both phenomenal and function extremely well.


One of the first things that I noticed about these boots is that they are stylish. These are really sleek and they look as retro as possible without sacrificing performance. Some of the motorcycle boots on the market that focus on performance will be lacking in the style department and those that are all about fashion might not function too well. This is not the case here and you can count on these as being the best of both worlds.

The Street Ace boots are extremely comfortable to wear. The leather is really soft yet has reinforcing at the foots weak points. Motorcycle boots need to feel comfortable while riding and these certainly pass the test but you can also be on your feet in them all night with none of the usual problems associated with motorcycle boots.


I’ve done about 6000 miles in these as well as wearing them for trips out on foot. As you can see from the photos they’ve had a few knocks and scuffs but they are still performing brilliantly and they’re even more comfortable than they were when new.

The Isle of Man TT has just finished and they were my choice of footwear each night I went down to the beer tent simply because of that comfort. The nearest thing I have as comfortable as them is a pair of Nike Air and they’re useless in mud or rain.

It rained pretty much every day during TT2019 apart from the Thursday and Senior race day so they’ve been on my feet pretty much for the last 2 weeks even though the bike hasn’t left the shed.


While I am a dry weather rider I have been caught out several times and the Street Ace motorcycle boots haven’t let me down.

They feature a lining that seems to be completely waterproof. TCX have even put in a label stating they are waterproof.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle in all weather should consider these boots due to their overall practicality.


One thing that you need to know about these boots is that they are made to be reinforced in certain areas. They feature reinforcements around the malleolus area as well as the toe and the heel. This helps to keep your feet and ankles safe should the worst happen.


You will also be pleased to hear that these boots have been designed with a wear-resistant rubber sole which is replaceable. This means that they should last for a long time even when like me you wear them regularly.


These motorcycle boots have proven to be a great buy and they look really nice too. If you are a motorcyclist who is concerned about both functionality and fashion, then these TXC boots are going to really appeal to you. They are durable enough to stand up to regular use while being nice enough that you wouldn’t feel out of place wearing them around when you aren’t on the bike.

When I purchased mine they were only available in the one colour. They have become so popular with retro riders that TCX have now released them in an Anthracite grey and a Black version.

I have no problem recommending these retro boots if you are in the market for a new pair.

Find them on Amazon here.

UK & EU residents find them on [sherpa id=”854c92b1″]


As great as these TCX boots are, you still might want to consider some alternatives. Have a look at these Cafe Racer boots by Stylmartin.


These motorcycle boots are very comfortable overall and they also look really nice. If you choose to go with these boots, then you will be getting boots that feel good to wear and are very breathable. Having breathable boots while you are out on the road can really make a difference during the summer months. You will also find these boots make use of an anti-slip sole to keep you from having accidents when placing your feet.

Overall, these are super stylish and most people love them from a visual perspective alone. They stand up favourably to the TCX Street Ace boots and some might prefer these. They are made out of natural full-grain leather and have been crafted to look as good as possible. That being said, these boots are a lot more expensive than the TCX boots.

When you factor in the price difference, these might not be as good value as the TCX Street Ace boots. It really comes down to what you want out of a pair of motorcycle boots. These are great boots but whether they are worth the extra money when compared to the price of the TCX Street Ace boots is up to you to decide.

Buy them at Amazon.