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Shima Caliber Vintage Motorcycle Gloves Review

I purchased these Shima Caliber vintage motorcycle gloves the week before my Bobber arrived. I’ve worn them for every ride since.

Like most retro gear, it was the looks that attracted me to them but I’m happy to report the performance matches the looks department. Below is my review of these cracking gloves.


These gloves are designed to look like a pair of vintage motorcycle gloves and they are absolutely stunning. They are ideal if you are the proud owner of a Cafe Racer, a Bobber or any of the retro motorcycles currently on the market.

The standard colour of these gloves is brown and they look really neat. They are also available in black or white leather. The white leather option is mostly white with black accents and the black version features white text with the “Shima” name written on the knuckles.

They were the best looking retro gloves I could find.


These gloves provide you with very good protection and they are made out of high-quality leather which has been reinforced with a special Tempra foam.

You will also have your scaphoid bone protected by a special absorber made out of Poron®XRD™ foam. This has the potential to absorb more than 70% of an impact. They also have the obligatory knuckle protection.

They really put a lot of thought into the design of these retro gloves. They may look really stylish but this does not mean that they sacrificed safety for appearance.


The Shima Caliber vintage motorcycle gloves have been designed as a Summer glove. I’ve also worn them early spring and all the way to the end of the riding season. By mid autumn you are warming your hands on the engine while waiting for the red light.

Because they are designed for summer wear the ventilation of these retro motorcycle gloves also needs to be mentioned. These gloves have been designed using perforated leather. This is going to allow the gloves to have much better ventilation than if they were made using a solid leather design. I’m happy to report this does work to keep your hands cool on hot summer days.

The holes in the leather add to the vintage look as well. They have a very retro vibe to them and should appeal to just about all riders of classic or retro styled motorcycles.


The Shima Caliber vintage motorcycle gloves are extremely comfortable but it’s the grip they give you that fills you with confidence.

According to Shima this is due to their unique GRIP+ system. What this means is that you will always be able to maintain an optimal grip due to the way that the glove contours to your hand.

The side of these gloves will always remain perfectly shaped and this makes it easy for it to conform with the line of the handgrip. It feels really good in practice and you will never find that your hands are in an uncomfortable position. These gloves simply improve your overall comfort levels while ensuring that your grip is as good as it can possibly be. This helps to keep you safe and you should never have any problems while you are out riding your motorcycle due to your grip.

Also, these gloves are really easy to pull on and off. Some motorcycle gloves can be so tight that they will feel awkward to put on or overly difficult to pull off. That is never going to be the case with these gloves. They come with a special pulling strap that makes pulling them on and off faster.


The longevity of these retro motorcycle gloves is something to keep in mind too. Due to the fact that they have been made using such high-quality goat skin leather, you should get plenty of years out of them. They are resistant to many types of damage and should stay looking good for longer periods of time than many similarly priced gloves.

I’ve used them for 2 years now and they still look like new as you can see from the photos I took.


Shima Caliber vintage motorcycle gloves are available in sizes from small all the way up to XX-large. This means that these are a practical choice for motorcyclists with hands of just about any size.

They also do the brown and black in a women’s XS size.

About the best recommendation I can give these gloves is that I’ll be buying them again once my pair need replacing.

The truth is that I found these stand out from other retro motorcycle gloves on the market in many positive ways.

For a start the price point of these gloves is really quite reasonable when you consider how much protection they are providing. The price was something that initially put me off purchasing them. At around £60 I wasn’t expecting much but as I loved the look of them and I figured it was a low enough price to take a punt on them.

At the end of the day, the final decision is obviously going to be up to you. They definitely look the part and have enough positive features to make them excellent value for money. If they look good to you and you decide to take a punt yourself, like me I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Available on Amazon uk here.




This pair of gloves from Harley-Davidson is going to appeal to many riders. If you own a Harley then you might be inclined to go with these for style reasons. They look really nice but they don’t have the same flair as the Shima vintage leather motorcycle gloves. Even so, these do provide you with plenty of protection.

You can remove the pad on these gloves and it is easy to slide it in and out. This makes it easier to adjust your comfort level to your liking and to customize your grip. These gloves have an ergonomic thumb design too with webbed finger pull tabs. The gloves are made from cowhide leather and they have a tricot lining with polyester mesh on the back of the hands.

These are good gloves but they can’t match up with the Shima gloves in terms of pure style. They do provide very good protection, though. Which motorcycle gloves will appeal to you more might come down to what style you like better. The features of both pairs of gloves are good and it is easy to see why each of these is popular.

Find them at here.