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Triumph Bobber Short Mudguard With Rizoma Lights

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For sale here is my second hand original Triumph Bobber rear short mudguard with Rizoma Club S multi function indicators already installed and wired up.

Note: There is a slight stone chip right on the edge. My little little finger is under it in the 3rd image. Any other marks in the images are dust and reflections.

I had this fitted by the dealer at the time of purchase in 2017 and only recently swapped back to the full size fender so it's seen 3 years of use.

You can no longer purchase these from Triumph in the UK or Europe due to a side number plate being required but illegal this side of the pond. I installed the Rizoma Club S lights because the Triumph multifunction lights fitted by the dealer were for the American market and they flashed white instead of the required amber.

The Rizoma lights are great - they're small and hardly noticeable but powerful and plenty bright enough. For those that don't know, these lights are your running lights, your braking lights and your turn signals so you no longer need a back light.

This set up is ideal for anyone wanting to tidy up the back end without the hassle of having to wire up new lights. Just drop out the wheel, and disconnect the wiring loom. Then run the new wiring through to the battery box, plug it in and install the short fender and you're all done.

Note you will need a side number plate, either the genuine Triumph option or an after market solution.

Price includes shipping within Europe and North America - if you live anywhere else please contact me first.

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