Suzuki T250 Hustler – 1969 to 1972

1970 Suzuki T250

In this article we look back at the short lived but memorable Suzuki T250 Hustler which dominated the quarter litre scene in the early 70’s. In the early 70’s Japanese manufacturers were competing across the classes to have the best in each.  Suzuki had launched the T500 in 1967 but the tide was turning and … Read more

Suzuki X7 – Worlds First 100mph Production 250


The 1978 Suzuki X7 was an all new ground-up design, however the origins of the bike go way back to 1966 with the original T250.  Following the T250 came the 1971 GT250 and it was then revised again with an updated engine in 1976.  Fundamentally the aim of the game was to create a 250cc … Read more

Yamaha TZ750 – The Holy Grail of Two Stroke Racers

Yamaha TZ750 for sale

The Yamaha TZ750 is up there with being one of the most influential motorcycles in history.  From the foundation of the design to its racing and record setting achievements, it had an impact in motorcycle culture that most engineers and designers can only dream of.  One of the big reasons Yamaha built the TZ750 was … Read more

Kawasaki H2 750 – The Widow Maker

Kawasaki H2 750 Triple

Nobody can blow the original Kawasaki H2 750 trumpet like Kawasaki themselves who wrote in their catalog: “We’ve just pulled a fast one on the competition. Named the Kawasaki 750cc Mach IV. Of all the world’s production models, it’s the fastest thing on two wheels. Faster than any Suzuki. Faster than any Triumph. Faster than … Read more

Yamaha RD400 – Classic 70s Two Stroke Motorcycle

The Yamaha RD400 had a relatively short lifespan and was produced between 1976-1979 having been first introduced in the Summer of 1975.  It followed on from the RD350 and was later replaced by the RD350LC in 1980 which took the world by storm as one of the leading two-stroke motorcycles of the 80s.  The RD400 … Read more

Yamaha DT250 Duel Sports Bike 1971 to 1982

Yamaha DT 250

The Yamaha DT250 started life in 1968 as the DT-1 and it very quickly sold through the initial 12,000 unit production run.  The US market was slowing down and yet there was a gap in the market for off-road motorcycles which only manufacturers such as Bultaco and Husqvarna were currently supplying specific off-road machines. To … Read more

Honda XL250 – A Great Affordable Classic Scrambler

During the early 1970s, the off-road motorcycle market was in full stride. With models from Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha entering and leaving the showrooms like a revolving door, this had Honda completely on the back foot with their only response to these being the outdated SL125 or CL350. With the newer dual purpose sport bikes … Read more

Honda Monkey Puts a Smile On Your Face

When the new and updated Honda Monkey was re-introduced in 2018 I partially thought the Japanese giants had lost their mind.  Then I remembered the success of the Grom and how I was watching all the cool builds and crazy stunt videos on YouTube and wanting one so bad.  Of course a new Honda Monkey … Read more

MV Agusta 750 S

MV Agusta 750 S

This classic here is one I am excited about, a genuine truly rare Italian beauty. If the MV Agusta 750 S was likened to a person it would be the beautiful and talented Sofia Loren. There shall be no delay, let’s get straight into the inner and outer working of this Italian wonder starting right … Read more

1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport

The 1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport is a motorcycle that divides opinion and has done since day one. On one side are those who believe it to be a gutless and under-performing machine compared to that of the larger motorcycles from the same time period including from Honda themselves; and on the other are those … Read more