MV Agusta 750 S

MV Agusta 750 S

This classic here is one I am excited about, a genuine truly rare Italian beauty. If the MV Agusta 750 S was likened to a person it would be the beautiful and talented Sofia Loren. There shall be no delay, let’s get straight into the inner and outer working of this Italian wonder starting right … Read more

1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport

The 1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport is a motorcycle that divides opinion and has done since day one. On one side are those who believe it to be a gutless and under-performing machine compared to that of the larger motorcycles from the same time period including from Honda themselves; and on the other are those … Read more

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans Review & Buyers Guide

The Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans caught the world’s attention when released in 1976 and it has continued to captivate ever since, developing an adoring audience that keeps the motorcycle relevant and has turned it into a designated classic motorcycle from the 70’s. It is well worth both writing and reading about so let’s get … Read more

Yamaha XT500: Dakar-Tested, Adventure-Approved

Yamaha XT500 won the first Paris Dakar rally

Take a moment to think of your favorite big dual-sport or adventure bike of all time. Got it in your mind’s eye? Ok. Now, repeat after me: “Thank you, Yamaha XT500, for making my (insert bike here) possible.”  If you don’t like the sound of that sentence, we can argue about it in the comments … Read more

Kawasaki KZ650 – Son of Z1

1976 Kawasaki Z650

The Kawasaki KZ650 (or the Z650 outside the US) was one of the most popular motorcycles of the 1970s. Affordable, quick, reliable and it made Kawasaki’s Z series accessible to those who didn’t want the full power or weight of the original Z1 or the later KZ1000 (Z1000).  If you are anything like me, you … Read more

9 Vintage Yamaha Two Stroke Motorcycles

As amazing as motorcycles are today, there will never be anything quite like the noise, smell and speed of the classic Yamaha 2 stroke motorcycles of time gone by.  The 2 stroke motorcycles produced by the Japanese manufacturer were some of the best to ever hit the road and provided many riders over the years … Read more

70s motorcycles – 27 Classics From The 1970s

Honda CBX 6 cylinder

There was never a period for motorcycles quite as wild as the 1970s.  Manufacturers were ready and willing to try anything to capture the imaginations of the motorcycling public, from giant road-going two-strokes to Wankel rotary engines.  It’s no secret that we love our vintage bikes here at Timeless 2 Wheels, and some of the … Read more

BMW R90s – The Sports Tourer That Rescued BMW

Deriving from obscurity the 1973 BMW R90s moved the German Motorrad company from the producer of boring, plain, workhorses, to race-winning, edgy, cool motorcycles in the eyes of the press and public worldwide. The BMW R90s wasn’t produced as a motorcycle for everyone and the price certainly made that clear, but it was a motorcycle … Read more

Ducati 750 GT – Ducati’s First V Twin Production

Ducati 750 GT

The iconic motorcycles that were built on the back of the Ducati 750 GT design each took the motorcycling world by storm. Ducati legends such as the 750 Sport, 750SS and the 900SS all followed the Italian manufacturers first production V twin motorcycle. However, none of those would exist without the Ducati 750 GT first … Read more

Honda Gold Wing GL1000

Honda Goldwing

The 1975 Honda GL1000 was built not for speed like most of the other 1970s motorcycles who were in an on going race to build the fastest, best performance motorcycle.  No, the Honda GL1000 was built with one audience in mind, and that was the widening gap in the US market for power cruisers and … Read more