Aprilia RS250 – Last of the Two Stroke GP Replicas

The Aprilia RS250 is a legendary V-twin two-stroke road going GP inspired motorcycle that satisfied riders needs for a truly excellent machine. Produced between 1994 and 2004 the Aprilia RS250 remains a modern classic today and continues to revel in the well-deserved hype that followed it from the models inception. It was 1991 when the … Read more

Yamaha DT250 Duel Sports Bike 1971 to 1982

Yamaha DT 250

The Yamaha DT250 started life in 1968 as the DT-1 and it very quickly sold through the initial 12,000 unit production run.  The US market was slowing down and yet there was a gap in the market for off-road motorcycles which only manufacturers such as Bultaco and Husqvarna were currently supplying specific off-road machines. To … Read more

Yamaha RD350LC – Rebirth of the 2 Stroke

It was 1980 and two-stroke fans in Europe were eagerly awaiting the release of the Yamaha RD350LC. It had been delayed due to disruption with production and the smaller RD250LC had actually already been released earlier in the year.  The bike was a huge hit and is looked upon as one of the most influential … Read more

Yamaha RD250LC – Hooligan Bike of the Early 1980s

The Yamaha RD250LC is considered to be an absolute hooligan machine and its reputation particularly in the UK in the 80’s is partly why it had such a short lifespan.  It was released in 1980, an extension of the earlier RD250 and it was very quickly deemed a two-stroke icon; it is highly collectable today.  … Read more

Yamaha RD500LC

Yamaha RD500LC

In 1984 Yamaha released a road legal version of their factory YZR500 which at the time was leading the world championship with Kenny Roberts aboard. The Yamaha RD500LC was born and all the crazy kids formed an orderly queue. Intro There was a very short lived period of time in the 1980’s when a small … Read more

9 Vintage Yamaha Two Stroke Motorcycles

As amazing as motorcycles are today, there will never be anything quite like the noise, smell and speed of the classic Yamaha 2 stroke motorcycles of time gone by.  The 2 stroke motorcycles produced by the Japanese manufacturer were some of the best to ever hit the road and provided many riders over the years … Read more

Suzuki RG500 Gamma

The Suzuki RG500 Gamma, along with the Yamaha RD500LC mark the ultimate evolution of the two-stroke motorcycle. These mid 80s motorcycles are the pinnacle of what superbly performing two-stroke powered bikes could be.  The Suzuki RG500 wasn’t just a race replica, it had the performance to boot and was closer to the real race version … Read more

Suzuki GT750 – A Buy to Ride Classic

The Suzuki GT750 was an oddball machine when it first made an entrance way back in 1971. Known as the Kettle, Water bottle or Water Buffalo, the GT750 rolled off the production line as Suzuki’s answer to the dawn of the superbike, but in the end it was best suited as a tourer. Let’s have … Read more

Ossa Yankee 500Z – 1971-1972 American Classic Scrambler

Ossa Yankee 500Z

The Ossa Yankee 500Z is possibly one of the most obscure motorcycles that ever existed. It has a fantastical story and while short lived it is still worth delving into this American motorcycle. Ossa Yankee 500Z History The story starts with motorcycle importer John Taylor and the Ossa Yankee 500Z would become what he is … Read more

Kawasaki KH250 Triple

kawasaki KH250 Triple

The Kawasaki KH250 was my first ‘proper’ road bike. When I hit 17 in 1981 you could own and ride a 250cc bike as a learner in the UK and the Kawasaki triple was my weapon of choice. Mine was a second hand 1978 KH250B3 which had the front disc brake. It was the Kawasaki … Read more