90’s Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha R1, one of the most iconic sport bikes of the last 25 years

The 90’s for Yamaha were a big decade, one in which some of the most remarkable motorcycles in the world came out of the factory, setting trends and raising the stakes across the board. From the legendary Dragstar cruiser which turned a lot of heads from the domineering American cruisers, to the outrageous R1 and … Read more

90’s Kawasaki Motorcycles

Ninjas, Ninjas and more Ninjas that is what the 90’s were really about for Kawasaki Motorcycles. Pushing the Ninja line across the different capacities, and making them the best sportbikes in the relative classes, fiercely challenging the competition from other manufacturers.  It wasn’t all Ninja’s (just mostly), there was a super cruiser and a retro … Read more

90’s Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles had a pretty busy decade in the 1990s with 1997 in particular being a big year for the release of several new and trailblazing models.  The Super Blackbird, Firestorm and Fireblade were just 3 of the big players that hit the streets. It wasn’t all sportbikes though, Honda meandered through the world of … Read more