Old Bikers Tale: Tips On Returning To Motorcycling

Triumph Bobber outside Manx Motor Museum

As an old biker who recently returned to 2 wheels after a near 20 year lay off I thought I’d share the differences I found between owning and riding the motorcycles of the previous century and todays modern motorcycle. Are you an Old Biker? Old bikers are motorcyclists who stopped riding for a prolonged period. … Read more

Café Racer v Sports Bike: What’s the difference?

cafe racer vs sportsbike

The Cafe Racer v Sports Bike dilemma pops up in my inbox more than most. Usually they’re from someone who rides a Sports Bike but giving serious thought to purchasing a Cafe Racer. Cafe Racer v Sports Bike – What’s the main difference? The short answer is that a sports bike is a machine bred … Read more

Are Motorcycles Cheaper Than Cars?

Are motorcycles cheaper than cars

As I sit here, a rather tired out 47-year-old that’s been involved with cars & bikes since a youngster, I’ve been totting up the different vehicles that I’ve owned, both in terms of numbers and approximate value, it’s actually quite scary when you work it all out. From memory, I’ve owned at least 17 bikes, … Read more

Are Motorcycles More Dangerous Than Cars?

Are motorcycles more dangerous than cars?

“Sorry mate, I didn’t see you” … a phrase so common that it even became an acronym – SMIDSY. When I was first learning to ride on the road (I’d been riding for around 5 years before that), my all-knowing Dad drilled one phrase into me; “Ride as though every single car driver hasn’t seen … Read more

What Is a Modern Classic Motorcycle?

a modern classic - the triumph bobber

With so many different genre of motorcycle it can be hard to keep up with them all. Retro’s, Naked’s, UJM’s, Vintage, Antique, Classic and modern Classic motorcycles to name a few. So, let’s take a look at one of these that is currently gaining prominence, the modern classic motorcycle.       What is a … Read more

What Is The Best Classic Motorcycle To Buy?

Kawasaki Z650B

A motorcycle is considered a classic once it is over 30 years old. As the majority of retro motorcycles take their styling from the 1970’s and 80’s the following classic motorcycles are from around that era. What is the best classic motorcycle to buy? Here are five of the best classic motorcycles to purchase and … Read more

Which Is The Best Cafe Racer For Big Guys?

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

By their nature Cafe Racers don’t lend themselves well to big guys. They can can make you feel cramped at the best of times and if you’re over 6 ft then it can become uncomfortable very quickly. Here I look at the options for those bigger guys who have their heart set on a Cafe … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Bobber?

The cost of building a custom Bobber motorcycle

Ever wondered how much it would cost to build a Bobber? It makes sense to try and narrow the cost down as accurately as possible so you can budget accordingly. I’ve looked at various options and come up with some numbers for you. So how much does it cost to build a Bobber? To convert a … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Cafe Racer?

How much to build a cafe racer?

Thinking of building a Cafe Racer? Unless you have deep pockets you will have been trying to work out how much your project would actually cost, I know I have. So, I’ve spoken to a few cafe racer riders and done some research to try and nail down an actual price. How much does it … Read more