FA-13 Combat Bomber – Everything You Need To Know

In early August of 2016, a little known motorcycle manufacturer by the name of Confederate Motors took a one-off race spec machine to the Bonneville Salt Flats with their eyes on a land speed record run for the company.  They brought a P-51 Combat Fighter motorcycle with them, albeit a highly modified version intended for … Read more

Harley Davidson Street 750

In 2014 the Harley Davidson Street 750 was released. A polarizing motorcycle that divided HD fans around the world. For many years the smallest bike in the Harley Davidson line-up had been the 883cc Sportster in its various guises such as the Superlow or Iron 883.  It was the 883 that was marketed as being … Read more

Harley Davidson XLCR – The American Café Racer

Harley Davidson XLCR

The Harley Davidson XLCR was the first and only attempt by the company at a café racer style motorcycle. Perhaps ‘café racer’ isn’t the style you think of when considering Harley Davidson motorcycles unless perhaps, you are discussing custom bikes.  Typically born out of Brits stripping down their Triumph’s, Norton’s etc. the ‘café racer’ vibe … Read more

Harley davidson super glide

The Harley Davidson Super Glide was the original factory custom. It was born out of a culture in the mid 1960’s that was sweeping through the American biker community with gusto.  The Super Glide is responsible for being the motorcycle that bridged the gap between the Sportster line and the big touring machines. Also what … Read more

Harley Davidson XR1000 – 1983 American Classic

Harley Davidson was bought back from AMF in 1981 with Willie. G. Davidson at the helm. The XR1000 was meant to be the fierce machine that reminded the pubic why HD remained top dog. Let’s have a look at the Harley Davidson XR1000 and you can decide whether it achieved it’s goal or not.  History … Read more

Where are Harley Davidsons Made?

Harley Davidson is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, established in 1903. In 2020 they sold 180,248 new motorcycles worldwide, which got me thinking about where they are made, so I’ve done the research and found the answer for all those who might be wondering the same.  Where are Harley Davidsons made? … Read more

Indian Scout Vs Scout Bobber – What’s The Difference

Indian Scout vs Scout Bobber

A common question that comes up when looking at the Indian Scout line up is what’s the difference between the various models? Is it purely styling or more? Good News! I’ve been doing some research and laid out the nitty gritty below, let’s end the confusion now. What’s The Difference Between the Indian Scout and … Read more

The Harley Davidson V-Twin Engine

With special guest appearances by Vincent and Ducati What gives the Harley Davidson its distinctive sound? Here, Dan explains how the famous 45 degree V-twin engine not only produces the most recognisable soundtrack in motorcycling but also successfully carried the company through thick and thin. In music, syncopation goes against the ordinary and regular flow … Read more