2022 BSA Gold Star – Return of the Legendary Brit Bike

2022 BSA Gold Star 650

With the announcement of BSA returning, motorcycle stores, bike nights, coffee shops, and the internet have been awash with opinions, rumors and general gossip about an all new for 2022 BSA Gold Star. Safe to say the new Gold Star 650 as well as the BSA Motorcycles comeback has caused quite the upset.  With many … Read more

Gilera Crono 125 – 1989 to 1993

Gilera Crono 125

In the 125cc sector it is no secret that the Italians are masters. Of course you have the Yamaha TZR and Honda NSR, but even they struggle to compete with the Italian mastery of the Cagiva 125, the stunning Aprilia AF1 and the Gilera Crono 125. Gilera is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in … Read more

7 Best Beginner Harleys – Our Top Picks For Novice Riders

Iron 883 Sportster

Here Emily takes a look at the best beginner Harleys including current and previous models to help you choose your first big motorcycle. Harley Davidson is an institution, an iconic and historic motorcycle manufacturer of some of the most popular and well loved two-wheeled machines that have ever been produced.  However, they are not always … Read more

Kawasaki Z400 ABS – 2019 Onwards

If the KZ650 (Z650) is the son of KZ1000 (Z1000) then the Kawasaki Z400 is surely the grandson. There are few people, experienced riders or not, that don’t appreciate the KZ1000 silhouette. Mean, aggressive, naked and raw, it is a machine that its inner beastly power is physically converted for all to see in its … Read more

The Suzuki SV650: The Beginner Bike For Pros

It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s reliable, and it’s shockingly affordable. Ask any seasoned veteran to recommend a first bike and chances are they’ll point to the Suzuki SV650.  Perfect starter bike. Weekend club racer. Low maintenance commuter. And somehow the SV650 manages to be a great looking motorcycle as well.  How many motorcycles can wear as … Read more

Yamaha Virago Review 1981 – 2007

Yamaha Virago 250

I knew when the opportunity to write about the legendary Yamaha Virago came up, I had to jump on it. Yes, that’s right, I said legendary, the Virago has an unmissable timeless cruiser silhouette and various engine capacities to suit everybody. It isn’t the prettiest, fastest, most premium or best of anything motorcycle in the … Read more

Honda Rebel 250: King Of The Beginner Bikes

If you’re shopping for your first bike and you’re considering the Honda Rebel 250 (also known as the CMX250), you’re in good company.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has given thousands of riders their first taste of the two wheeled life aboard the Honda Rebel 250 in their rider training programs, and thousands more have gone … Read more