Bimota SB8R

Bimota SB8R – Ultra Rare Rimini Super Bike

New owner Francesco Tognon had pinned his hopes on the Bimota SB8R saving the Rimini company. It used the Suzuki TL1000R V-twin engine and it was hoped it would challenge…

Bimota SB8R

Bimota DB5

Bimota DB5 Mille – Taking On Japans Big Four Superbikes

The Bimota DB5 Mille was a new project, a road weapon to take on the big four Japanese manufacturers who by the mid 2000’s were producing sports bikes that dominated…

Bimota DB6

Bimota DB6 Delirio 2005 to 2011

Back in the mid 2000’s Bimota were working on two motorcycle designs around the same time. The track orientated DB5 and the naked bike that derived from that ultralight chassis, the…

History of Bimota Motorcycles

Bimota Motorcycles 1973-2022

The Bimota Motorcycle Company got its name by using the first 2 letters of each of the three founders’ names – Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini.  The three men were actually…

Bimota DB9

Bimota DB9 Brivido Super Naked

The Bimota DB9 Brivido followed the same path as the DB8 and was road focused rather than a track toy. The DB8 had nodded in that direction with the addition…

Bimota DB8 Oro Nero

Bimota DB8 Review – Is This The Italians Best Ever?

The Bimota DB8 was released in 2010 and was the replacement for the excellent DB7 which had enjoyed a 3 year production. Let’s take a look at the Bimota DB8,…


Bimota Tesi 3D

Bimota Tesi 3D – Italian Art on Two Wheels

Like all Bimota motorcycles the Tesi 3D is special, I would suggest the most special of them all. An Italian work of art and an innovative design like no other…

Bimota Tesi 3D

Bimota DB7

Bimota DB7 – Hand Built Italian Exotica

As it turns out I am a fan of both DB7’s, the Aston Martin DB7 that James Bond never got to drive, which is simply unforgivable, but also the Bimota…

Bimota DB7

Bimota V-Due – The Bike That Tried To Save The 2 Stroke Engine

V-Due literally translates to V-Twin, and the Bimota V-Due was a 500cc motorcycle that was supposed to save the two stroke engine but instead accidentally killed off the boutique Italian…

Bimota V-Due