Norton Classic Rotary P43

Norton Classic Rotary P43

The Norton Classic Rotary is likely the rarest Norton ever to have existed, and certainly the rarest to find today for collectors. The bike is highly coveted for motorcycle historians and collectors, the reason being is it’s rotary Wankel engine.  With only 100 ever produced, the backstory is fascinating and while it didn’t take off, … Read more

BSA Gold Star – All You Need To Know About The Big Single

Ask any motorcycle enthusiast about BSA and their immediate response would be along the lines of “You mean the Gold Star?” The BSA Gold Star was not only the most successful motorcycle throughout the Birmingham-based company’s 111 year history, but one of the most successful British motorcycles of all time, both on and off the … Read more

Norton Commando 750

The Norton Commando 750 was a breakthrough in British motorcycling history. Despite being released during the UJM takeover, half a million were sold during the decade it was in production. Today, the Norton Commando 750 remains a popular buy to ride classic motorcycle. Norton Commando History  The origins of the early Norton Commando 750’s can … Read more

AJS Motorcycles – 8 Classic Bikes

AJS Motorcycles is one of the longest surviving British motorcycle companies to date. Founded in Wolverhampton, the Stevens brothers, Harry, Joe Junior, George and the company’s namesake Albert John (or Jack, as he was more popularly known as) created AJS in 1909. It was their dream to manufacture a motorcycle to win at the Isle … Read more

Norton Motorcycles – The Story From First To Last

Norton Atlas Ranger

With the sad news of the administrators being called in to Norton Motorcycles, I thought that now would be a good time to reflect on what could have (should have?) been a fairytale story of racing success and British pluckiness. (That’s a real word, honestly). Although I grew up with British motorcycles, I never really … Read more

The Legendary Norvin Motorcycle

norvin parked outside the ace cafe

Norvin. A name that was long forgotten in my mind, and truth be told, of course I knew the name but it never really registered as to just exactly what it is. It’s a Norton & Vincent mashup, unless you’re Gregg Wallace or John Torode, and then it would be called a ‘fusion’. As a … Read more

Triumph Bonneville History– Icons Never Die

Triumph Bonneville

Introduced in 1959, few motorcycles can claim a past quite like the legendary Triumph Bonneville. Discover the history of the Bonneville and its lineage through to the present Triumph modern classic range…. In 1978, my father, an original Meriden Triumph employee decided that at the age of 39, it was time to stop being bossed … Read more

Triumph Bobber – 3 Year Review

Bonneville Bobber at the Manx Motor Museum

I’m just coming to the end of my third Summer as a Triumph Bobber owner. I’ve had a great time with the Bobber and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into motorcycling. What follows is how I came to choose the Bonneville Bobber, how I’ve made it my own and how I’ve found it over the … Read more

Cafe Racer History

Over the years, we’ve seen many different movements within the motorcycle industry. Trends have come and gone but there have been few movements as influential and powerful as the cafe racer. These motorcycles first started appearing in 50’s England – though the culture soon thrived all over the world too. What’s striking about the cafe racer … Read more