Modified Motorcycle Insurance – Is Your Bike Legal?

Whether you have swapped out the factory exhaust for a set of aftermarket pipes, given the bodywork a custom paint scheme or had the engine tuned, you should be aware you probably need to contact your broker and arrange modified bike insurance. Which Bike Modifications Effect Insurance Premiums? Most brokers will have a list of … Read more

Best Engine Oil For Bikes

Which is the best oil for your motorcycle

With the Covid lockdown and riding for pleasure banned for the duration here on the Isle of Man, I decided to service the Triumph Bobber myself. A quick search for the best motorcycle oil and it quickly dawned on me that things had moved on considerably since I last purchased a can of Castrol when I had my … Read more

Bobber Bikes – 14 Bobbers You Can Own Today

Bobber bikes

The original low slung Bobber bikes were stock American motorcycles which the owner would lighten by removing all none essential parts. Those huge fenders on the big ol’ Harley’s and Indians of the 1920’s and 30’s would be shortened or ‘bobbed’ and the Bobber culture was born. Nothing will ever replace the satisfaction of building … Read more