Honda Rebel 250: King Of The Beginner Bikes

If you’re shopping for your first bike and you’re considering the Honda Rebel 250 (also known as the CMX250), you’re in good company.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has given thousands of riders their first taste of the two wheeled life aboard the Honda Rebel 250 in their rider training programs, and thousands more have gone … Read more

Honda GB500 TT – A Very British Japanese Motorcycle

You could argue that the Honda GB500 TT is a Japanese copy of iconic British single cylinder machines that at one time dominated motorcycling and in particular the Isle of Man TT podiums.  Or you could take the stance which I prefer and view it as a motorcycle built to show the utmost respect and … Read more

1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport

The 1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport is a motorcycle that divides opinion and has done since day one. On one side are those who believe it to be a gutless and under-performing machine compared to that of the larger motorcycles from the same time period including from Honda themselves; and on the other are those … Read more

90’s Honda Motorcycles

Honda motorcycles had a pretty busy decade in the 1990s with 1997 in particular being a big year for the release of several new and trailblazing models.  The Super Blackbird, Firestorm and Fireblade were just 3 of the big players that hit the streets. It wasn’t all sportbikes though, Honda meandered through the world of … Read more

Honda Gold Wing GL1000

Honda Goldwing

The 1975 Honda GL1000 was built not for speed like most of the other 1970s motorcycles who were in an on going race to build the fastest, best performance motorcycle.  No, the Honda GL1000 was built with one audience in mind, and that was the widening gap in the US market for power cruisers and … Read more

1982 Honda CX500 Turbo: Boost And Brains

Honda CX500 Turbo

The Honda CX platform was around for a while.  We had a standard CX500 platform bike at the house when I was growing up. I got to ride it a handful of times, and I’ve got to say, it’s extremely difficult to believe anything derived from that powerplant could ever be described as “high performance.”  … Read more

Honda VFR750R RC30 – A Modern Collectible Classic Motorcycle

Honda RC30

Honda’s racing evolution during the 1980s and 90s spawned a multitude of incredible machines: the NR500, NS250, NS500, NSR500, RC45, NR750 and of course, the VFR750R RC30. Each of these pushed the boundaries of the time and brought something brand new to motorcycle technology.  The Honda VFR750R, also more commonly known by its model code, … Read more

Motorcycles of the 80s – 25 Iconic Bikes of the Decade

For me, the standout memories of the motorcycles of the 80s was the fascination with turbo bikes, improved (faster) two stroke machines and the Japanese manufacturers stepping on Harley Davidsons toes with their own cheaper V-twin cruiser models. Kawasaki 80s Motorcycles As it was for all the big four Japanese motorcycle companies, the 1980’s were … Read more