Ducati Hypermotard 1100: For The Thrill Of It

At just 15 years old the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 is already considered an iconic motorcycle – particularly by those who owned one. Here, Kurt looks back at Ducati’s original Supermoto. It’s the dawn of the 1980s.  Eddie Lawson is lining up on a two-stroke Yamaha 490 next to Bubba Shobert on a Harley Davidson XR750 … Read more

Harley Davidson XR750 Worlds Most Successful Racer

The Harley Davidson XR750 is an Icon. Dominating the flat track for decades, its impact on the motorcycle world should never be underestimated. Harley Davidson XR750 History  2020 marked 50 years since the arrival of the Harley XR750 and wow what a 50 years it has been for the orange and black rocket.  It’s inception … Read more

Suzuki GT750 – A Buy to Ride Classic

The Suzuki GT750 was an oddball machine when it first made an entrance way back in 1971. Known as the Kettle, Water bottle or Water Buffalo, the GT750 rolled off the production line as Suzuki’s answer to the dawn of the superbike, but in the end it was best suited as a tourer. Let’s have … Read more

Original Triumph Trident 750 Review

T150 Triumph Trident 750

With the release of the new Triumph Trident 660, I thought it would be good to look back at the original Triumph Trident 750 as it has an interesting (British bike fans might say sad) story. The original Triumph Trident 750 was one of the most under-supported ventures Triumph ever started; however, a tidy original … Read more

Yamaha V-Max 1200 – The Original Hooligan Bike

V-Max 1200 was the original 1980's muscle bike

I remember the first time I ever really took note of a Yamaha V-Max 1200. I was still a couple years away from driving age, probably 13 or 14, but I was plotting and scheming for my first motorcycle already.  I was at a motorcycle shop browsing the used inventory, waiting on my dad to … Read more

Laverda Jota 180 – The Beast Of Breganze

Laverda Jota 180

Although an Italian motorcycle, it was a couple of Brits we have to thank for the Laverda Jota, the worlds fastest production motorcycle of the 1970’s. Laverda had released it’s triple cylinder double overhead cam 981cc C3 in 1973. It produced 85bhp, could top 133mph and could hold its own against most of the Japanese … Read more

MV Agusta F4 750 – An Affordable Classic

The MV Agusta F4 750 is regarded by many as the most beautiful motorcycle ever to roll off a production line. At the moment these gorgeous motorcycles are still an affordable classic. Here I look at MV Agusta and make the case for why the Agusta F4 750 should be top of your list if … Read more

Kawasaki KH250 Triple

kawasaki KH250 Triple

The Kawasaki KH250 was my first ‘proper’ road bike. When I hit 17 in 1981 you could own and ride a 250cc bike as a learner in the UK and the Kawasaki triple was my weapon of choice. Mine was a second hand 1978 KH250B3 which had the front disc brake. It was the Kawasaki … Read more

The Legendary Norvin Motorcycle

norvin parked outside the ace cafe

Norvin. A name that was long forgotten in my mind, and truth be told, of course I knew the name but it never really registered as to just exactly what it is. It’s a Norton & Vincent mashup, unless you’re Gregg Wallace or John Torode, and then it would be called a ‘fusion’. As a … Read more

Triumph Bonneville History– Icons Never Die

Triumph Bonneville

Introduced in 1959, few motorcycles can claim a past quite like the legendary Triumph Bonneville. Discover the history of the Bonneville and its lineage through to the present Triumph modern classic range…. In 1978, my father, an original Meriden Triumph employee decided that at the age of 39, it was time to stop being bossed … Read more