90’s Kawasaki Motorcycles

Ninjas, Ninjas and more Ninjas that is what the 90’s were really about for Kawasaki Motorcycles. Pushing the Ninja line across the different capacities, and making them the best sportbikes in the relative classes, fiercely challenging the competition from other manufacturers.  It wasn’t all Ninja’s (just mostly), there was a super cruiser and a retro … Read more

Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo – Best of the Turbocharged 80s Bikes

Kawasaki 750 turbo

Of the big four Japanese manufacturers, Kawasaki was the last to put into production a turbo charged motorcycle and I would say arguably the most successful.  The ambition was to create a turbo charged middle-weight wonder that could compete with the fastest motorcycles out there. With the release of the Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo, they succeeded … Read more

Kawasaki KZ650 – Son of Z1

1976 Kawasaki Z650

The Kawasaki KZ650 (or the Z650 outside the US) was one of the most popular motorcycles of the 1970s. Affordable, quick, reliable and it made Kawasaki’s Z series accessible to those who didn’t want the full power or weight of the original Z1 or the later KZ1000 (Z1000).  If you are anything like me, you … Read more

1984 Kawasaki GPZ900R – The first Ninja

Tom Cruise on a GPZ900R

Kawasaki had a point to prove with the GPZ900R. Having been beaten to the punch by Honda in releasing the world’s first four-cylinder 750cc “superbike”, the CB750, they needed to raise the bar with the successor to their own popular 900cc superbike, the iconic Kawasaki Z1.  Spending several years in secret creating the perfect successor, … Read more

Motorcycles of the 80s – 25 Iconic Bikes of the Decade

For me, the standout memories of the motorcycles of the 80s was the fascination with turbo bikes, improved (faster) two stroke machines and the Japanese manufacturers stepping on Harley Davidsons toes with their own cheaper V-twin cruiser models. Kawasaki 80s Motorcycles As it was for all the big four Japanese motorcycle companies, the 1980’s were … Read more

What is a Cafe Racer?

Since the 2009 second coming of Cafe Racers the genre has gone from strength to strength. Lots of manufacturers have one in their stable and in general they at least try to stick to the original 1950’s definition of what a Cafe Racer is. What is a Cafe Racer? A Cafe Racer is a motorcycle … Read more

Kawasaki Z1 900 – The New York Steak

In 1972 the Kawasaki Z1 900 was a motorcycle born out of a necessity for the survival of the company in an increasingly tough industry.  It was a bold and clever move that catapulted Kawasaki to the leagues of fast, aggressive, power players in the motorcycle world, where they remain to this day.  Let’s take … Read more

Cheap Retro Motorcycles – 8 Bikes For The Budget Conscious Rider

8 cheap retro motorcycles

While it is true that most new retro bikes come with a premium price tag, there are several cheap retro motorcycles available for those not wanting to break the bank. Here, Paul picks out 8 options for the budget conscious rider. Sit back and imagine yourself bumbling along on a vintage motorcycle, open-faced helmet, and … Read more

New Retro Motorcycles – 9 Awesome Modern Classics

Norton Atlas Ranger

Let’s face it, motorcycles of a bygone era are undeniably cool, from early Indian Scouts and Harleys to the Bonneville and CB750, they laid the foundations for everything that was to come later.  They are classics for a reason and that’s because they got it right! However, for todays riders there is technology and modern … Read more