Ducati 851 – First Modern Ducati Superbike

The Ducati 851 is no exception when it comes to following Ducati’s rule of pushing innovation, going against the odds, surviving and then thriving.  Financial crisis was looming and yet Ducati entered the realm of the World Superbike Series with the 851, took on the might of Japan and won. The ground breaking 851 made … Read more

Harley Davidson XR1000 – 1983 American Classic

Harley Davidson was bought back from AMF in 1981 with Willie. G. Davidson at the helm. The XR1000 was meant to be the fierce machine that reminded the pubic why HD remained top dog. Let’s have a look at the Harley Davidson XR1000 and you can decide whether it achieved it’s goal or not.  History … Read more

Original Suzuki Katana GSX1100S

Suzuki Katana GSX1100S

Like many of us I was excited by the release of the new Suzuki Katana in 2019 and when I later saw that glistening Samurai Sword displayed above the bike in my local dealer, all I could think was, it really isn’t that different from the original Suzuki Katana. So today let’s look back at … Read more

BMW R80G/S – The Birth of Adventure Motorcycling

A original BMW R80 GS Dakar special advert

Before the 1980s, an “adventure” bike was simply a lightweight, low-powered enduro bike or one of the heavier desert racers altered for long distance travelling. Neither of these were ideal, but the only thing available on the market during this time for those looking to take on the world. It would be the BMW R80G/S … Read more

Honda VFR750R RC30 – A Modern Collectible Classic Motorcycle

Honda RC30

Honda’s racing evolution during the 1980s and 90s spawned a multitude of incredible machines: the NR500, NS250, NS500, NSR500, RC45, NR750 and of course, the VFR750R RC30. Each of these pushed the boundaries of the time and brought something brand new to motorcycle technology.  The Honda VFR750R, also more commonly known by its model code, … Read more

Motorcycles of the 80s – 25 Iconic Bikes of the Decade

For me, the standout memories of the motorcycles of the 80s was the fascination with turbo bikes, improved (faster) two stroke machines and the Japanese manufacturers stepping on Harley Davidsons toes with their own cheaper V-twin cruiser models. Kawasaki 80s Motorcycles As it was for all the big four Japanese motorcycle companies, the 1980’s were … Read more

Harley Davidson XR750 Worlds Most Successful Racer

The Harley Davidson XR750 is an Icon. Dominating the flat track for decades, its impact on the motorcycle world should never be underestimated. Harley Davidson XR750 History  2020 marked 50 years since the arrival of the Harley XR750 and wow what a 50 years it has been for the orange and black rocket.  It’s inception … Read more

Yamaha V-Max 1200 – The Original Hooligan Bike

V-Max 1200 was the original 1980's muscle bike

I remember the first time I ever really took note of a Yamaha V-Max 1200. I was still a couple years away from driving age, probably 13 or 14, but I was plotting and scheming for my first motorcycle already.  I was at a motorcycle shop browsing the used inventory, waiting on my dad to … Read more