Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 2006 – 2019

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

The modern Triumph Bonneville Scrambler appeared back in 2006. An off-road styled version of the Triumph Bonneville, it also took many visual cues from the iconic TR6 Trophy, a bike that was made famous by Steve McQueen.  Powered using the same 865cc air-cooled, parallel twin engine as that of the Bonneville of the day, Triumph … Read more

9 Cheap Scrambler Motorcycles Under 5K

Budget Scrambler motorcycles

I’m researching a second bike. Something cheap and cheerful to run around on during the winter months and I’m leaning towards a budget Scrambler as there seems to be plenty to choose from. I want something that I’m not worrying about having to clean every time I’ve been out on the wet winter roads. It … Read more

Original Ducati Scrambler – 1962 to 1976

The original Ducati Scrambler was introduced in 1962 for the American market. They are considered one of the most iconic motorcycles of the 1960’s. First editions were available as a 250cc or a 350cc. The Mark II models which were introduced in 1970 had a brand new engine and frame design and were available as … Read more

What Is a Scrambler Motorcycle?

classic scrambler motorcycle

Are you loving the Scrambler motorcycle looks but unsure exactly what they are or are capable of? Here I look at the history of the Scrambler. From its origins in the countryside of England and the desert of California, to the duel purpose Classics of the 70’s and 80’s and finally a review of the … Read more

Retro Scramblers

Retro Scramblers

RETRO SCRAMBLERS – AN INTRODUCTION In the 60’s Scrambler was the term for a stripped down motorcycle such as the popular Triumph Trophy. Standard road bikes modified to ‘scramble’ across open lands as fast as possible. These original Scramblers died off when they were replaced by the far superior purpose built motocross machines. Today the term … Read more

Ducati Scrambler Video Reviews

ducati scrambler

While the Ducati marketing machine were aiming the Scrambler directly at the Hipster, according my Ducati dealer most of the sales have gone to born again bikers. It seems the retro naked look has persuaded more than a few thirty and forty somethings back into the saddle and surely that’s a good thing. Whatever your reasons for being … Read more