Suzuki RG250 Gamma Review and Spec’s

When it comes to top tier two-stroke motorcycles of days gone by in the 250 class there are several contenders for the top spot and here we take a look at one of the best of them, the Suzuki RG250 Gamma. More often than not it is the Yamaha RD250LC that comes out as the … Read more

Suzuki T250 Hustler – 1969 to 1972

1970 Suzuki T250

In this article we look back at the short lived but memorable Suzuki T250 Hustler which dominated the quarter litre scene in the early 70’s. In the early 70’s Japanese manufacturers were competing across the classes to have the best in each.  Suzuki had launched the T500 in 1967 but the tide was turning and … Read more

Suzuki X7 – Worlds First 100mph Production 250


The 1978 Suzuki X7 was an all new ground-up design, however the origins of the bike go way back to 1966 with the original T250.  Following the T250 came the 1971 GT250 and it was then revised again with an updated engine in 1976.  Fundamentally the aim of the game was to create a 250cc … Read more

Suzuki RGV250 – Iconic 1980s Two Stroke Race Replica

Suzuki RGV250 for sale

In 2021 the Suzuki RGV250 still has an enthusiastic following as do many of the 250cc race replicas from the 1980’s and early 90’s.  Sure if you ride one today, they aren’t as fast or as mental as you remember but that burning two-stroke oil, noise and styling will have even a tentative motorcycle fan … Read more

The Suzuki SV650: The Beginner Bike For Pros

It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s reliable, and it’s shockingly affordable. Ask any seasoned veteran to recommend a first bike and chances are they’ll point to the Suzuki SV650.  Perfect starter bike. Weekend club racer. Low maintenance commuter. And somehow the SV650 manages to be a great looking motorcycle as well.  How many motorcycles can wear as … Read more

1985 Suzuki GSX R750 Slabside

1985 suzuki gsx r750

2020 marked the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Suzuki GSX-R750 Slabside, and within that celebration there was more than just one bike to commemorate, there is the whole Gixxer line that followed and a whole new race-replica genre of sports bikes.  Some people to date when considering sports bikes draw the line with … Read more

Suzuki GSXR 1100 – History and Buying Guide

suzuki GSXR 1100

In 1986, a year after a thankful few got their hands on the fantastic GSX-R750, it was topped by the bigger and faster Suzuki GSXR 1100. More power from the larger 1052cc engine but like the GSX-R 750 it had the aluminium cradle frame, fairing, full floater rear swing arm and an air cooled four … Read more

Suzuki RG500 Gamma

The Suzuki RG500 Gamma, along with the Yamaha RD500LC mark the ultimate evolution of the two-stroke motorcycle. These mid 80s motorcycles are the pinnacle of what superbly performing two-stroke powered bikes could be.  The Suzuki RG500 wasn’t just a race replica, it had the performance to boot and was closer to the real race version … Read more

Original Suzuki Katana GSX1100S

Suzuki Katana GSX1100S

Like many of us I was excited by the release of the new Suzuki Katana in 2019 and when I later saw that glistening Samurai Sword displayed above the bike in my local dealer, all I could think was, it really isn’t that different from the original Suzuki Katana. So today let’s look back at … Read more