Triumph Rocket 3 – Ultimate Muscle Bike

The Triumph Rocket 3 is one of the most exciting muscle roadsters that the world has ever seen. It is certainly the most exciting bike to come out of the Triumph factory.  At first the monster bike was considered a bit of a joke, overkill, a need to just be the biggest production motorcycle and … Read more

Triumph Daytona 675: Breaking The Middleweight Mold

triumph Daytona 675 in gold

Here, Kurt tells how the Triumph Daytona 675 took on the Japanese Supersports and became an international success story for the British marque. Intro The year was 2006 and middleweight race replicas were all the rage.  The big four were selling inline four screamers as quickly as they could get them into showrooms, Ducati’s polarizing … Read more

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 2006 – 2019

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

The modern Triumph Bonneville Scrambler appeared back in 2006. An off-road styled version of the Triumph Bonneville, it also took many visual cues from the iconic TR6 Trophy, a bike that was made famous by Steve McQueen.  Powered using the same 865cc air-cooled, parallel twin engine as that of the Bonneville of the day, Triumph … Read more

1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500

The 1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500 was a revolutionary motorcycle, it was the birth of the parallel twin. Most, if not all British twins that followed owed a debt to both Edward Turner and his Triumph 500 Speed Twin. Whilst it was not the first of its kind, it was lighter, narrower and most … Read more

New Retro Motorcycles – 9 Awesome Modern Classics

Norton Atlas Ranger

Let’s face it, motorcycles of a bygone era are undeniably cool, from early Indian Scouts and Harleys to the Bonneville and CB750, they laid the foundations for everything that was to come later.  They are classics for a reason and that’s because they got it right! However, for todays riders there is technology and modern … Read more

Original Triumph Trident 750 Review

T150 Triumph Trident 750

With the release of the new Triumph Trident 660, I thought it would be good to look back at the original Triumph Trident 750 as it has an interesting (British bike fans might say sad) story. The original Triumph Trident 750 was one of the most under-supported ventures Triumph ever started; however, a tidy original … Read more

Triumph Speed Triple – The First Production Streetfighter

MK1 Triumph Speed Triple

The Triumph Speed Triple has been a cult icon all its life.  Just the name brings about visions of big twin headlights, sleek single-sided swingarms, a wide motocross handlebar, and a rottweiler stance that knows how to beg for speeding tickets. Which is interesting considering that the original production streetfighter, Triumph’s 1994 Speed Triple, shared … Read more

Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made?

Where are Triumph's built?

The Speed Triple and Tiger 1200 were the last mass produced models to be built at Hinckley. Here’s a break down of where current production takes place. Where are Triumph motorcycles made? 85% of all Triumph motorcycles are now built at their 3 Thailand facilities. 8.5% are assembled at their Brazilian facility and the remaining … Read more

Why Are Triumphs So Expensive?

Are Triumphs really expensive?

Some people consider Triumph to be expensive, others believe they offer value for money. Here’s what I found after doing some price comparisons…. Why are Triumphs so expensive? When compared with other marque motorcycle manufacturers Triumph are competitively priced. In the emerging markets they are less so due to economy-class motorcycles mass produced by companies … Read more

Are Bobbers Good For Long Rides?

where are Triumph Bobbers made

After my planned trip to the Western Isles of Scotland was put on hold by the Covid lockdown I decided to test the comfort of my Bobber by doing a few hundred miles (mostly none stop) around the Isle of Man TT course. Are Bobbers good for long rides? I consider my Bobber to be … Read more