are triumphs reliable?

Are Triumph Motorcycles Reliable?

Modern Triumph’s are known to be great bikes. They’re rock solid, reliable, durable and will serve their owners for many miles and riding years.   Like many British motorcycle brands, Triumph…

16 best liter bikes

Liter Bike Class – 16 of The Best

Here’s a compilation of liter bikes, past and present, who’s presence would grace any bikers shed. Before we look at them though, what constitutes as a liter bike? What is…

16 liter bikes

26 Best Naked Bikes For 2022

Here, I’ve listed the very best naked bikes available for 2022 and beyond. I’ve included naked motorcycles from novice friendly up to the outright bonkers machines…. Enjoy. First off though,…

best naked bikes 2022

tail tidy for triumph bobber

BAAK Tail Tidy For The Triumph Bobber Review

I was hoping to get some miles racked up this spring/summer with a ride up the west coast of Scotland. As the Bobber is a bit of a nightmare with…

tail tidy for triumph bobber

Triumph Rocket 3 – Ultimate Muscle Bike

The Triumph Rocket 3 is one of the most exciting muscle roadsters that the world has ever seen. It is certainly the most exciting bike to come out of the…

triumph Daytona 675 in gold

Triumph Daytona 675: Breaking The Middleweight Mold

Here, Kurt tells how the Triumph Daytona 675 took on the Japanese Supersports and became an international success story for the British marque. Intro The year was 2006 and middleweight…

triumph Daytona 675 in gold

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 2006 – 2019

The modern Triumph Bonneville Scrambler appeared back in 2006. An off-road styled version of the Triumph Bonneville, it also took many visual cues from the iconic TR6 Trophy, a bike…

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500

The 1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500 was a revolutionary motorcycle, it was the birth of the parallel twin. Most, if not all British twins that followed owed a debt…

1950’s Motorcycles – 11 Classic Motorcycles of the Fifties

1950’s motorcycles were all about performance enhancing features which were being demanded by consumers from manufacturers the world over.  The Second World War was slowly becoming a memory and business…

Norton Atlas Ranger

New Retro Motorcycles – 9 Awesome Modern Classics

Let’s face it, motorcycles of a bygone era are undeniably cool, from early Indian Scouts and Harleys to the Bonneville and CB750, they laid the foundations for everything that was…

T150 Triumph Trident 750

Original Triumph Trident 750 Review

With the release of the new Triumph Trident 660, I thought it would be good to look back at the original Triumph Trident 750 as it has an interesting (British…

MK1 Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple – The First Production Streetfighter

The Triumph Speed Triple has been a cult icon all its life.  Just the name brings about visions of big twin headlights, sleek single-sided swingarms, a wide motocross handlebar, and…

Where are Triumph's built?

Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made?

Update as of March 2022. Since I wrote this article Triumph have opened a new assembly facility at their Hinckley headquarters that will build all bikes for the UK and…

Are Triumphs really expensive?

Why Are Triumphs So Expensive?

Some people consider Triumph to be expensive, others believe they offer value for money. Here’s what I found after doing some price comparisons…. Why are Triumphs so expensive? When compared…

Are Triumphs really expensive?

where are Triumph Bobbers made

Are Bobbers Good For Long Rides?

After my planned trip to the Western Isles of Scotland was put on hold by the Covid lockdown I decided to test the comfort of my Bobber by doing a…

where are Triumph Bobbers made

Triumph street twin side view

Why The Triumph Street Twin is Good for Beginners

The Triumph Street Twin has a lot going for it. Apart from its fantastic retro styling and excellent value for money, the Street Twin is a great all rounder and…

Triumph street twin side view

which was the worlds first superbike?

Worlds First Superbike – 4 Contenders For The Title

The term superbike was first used by the motorcycling press in October 1968 after the unveiling of the Honda CB750 at the Tokyo bike show. It’s not a given though…

the Thruxton is one of the main reasons why cafe racers are so popular

Retro Motorcycles – 8 Modern Classics For 2020

It was 2001 when the Triumph Hinckley factory released what in my opinion was the first retro motorcycle – A thoroughly modern Bonneville that took it’s styling straight from the…

the Thruxton is one of the main reasons why cafe racers are so popular

Triumph Bobber outside Manx Motor Museum

Old Bikers Tale: Tips On Returning To Motorcycling

As an old biker who recently returned to 2 wheels after a near 20 year lay off I thought I’d share the differences I found between owning and riding the…

Triumph Bobber outside Manx Motor Museum

Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville History– Icons Never Die

Introduced in 1959, few motorcycles can claim a past quite like the legendary Triumph Bonneville. Discover the history of the Bonneville and its lineage through to the present Triumph modern…

classic scrambler motorcycle

What Is a Scrambler Motorcycle?

Are you loving the Scrambler motorcycle looks but unsure exactly what they are or are capable of? Here I look at their history and attempt tdiscover exactly what a Scrambler…

classic scrambler motorcycle