Yamaha 4 Stroke Motorcycles – 9 Classics

Yamaha were late to the 4 stroke party. Around the time Honda were basking in the glory of the all conquering four cylinder CB750, Yamaha were just introducing their first ever 4 stroke motorcycle, the XS-1. It was a twin cylinder 650 designed as a cheaper alternative to the Triumph Bonneville, BSA Gold Star and … Read more

Yamaha XT500: Dakar-Tested, Adventure-Approved

Yamaha XT500 won the first Paris Dakar rally

Take a moment to think of your favorite big dual-sport or adventure bike of all time. Got it in your mind’s eye? Ok. Now, repeat after me: “Thank you, Yamaha XT500, for making my (insert bike here) possible.”  If you don’t like the sound of that sentence, we can argue about it in the comments … Read more

Classic Scramblers – 8 Vintage Enduro Motorcycles

Classic Scramblers are increasing in popularity. They’re easy to restore and fix up and most importantly, they are still cheap. As an entry into vintage motorcycle ownership you would be hard pushed to beat any of the classic Scramblers listed here for you. No-one can pinpoint exactly when the original scrambler came to be, or … Read more