VikingBags AXE Motorcycle Backpack Review – 2 Week Test

VikingBags recently sent us their new motorcycle backpack, the VikingBags AXE for a review. Kurt put it through its paces for a couple of weeks and here’s his findings. If you’re not familiar with VikingBags, they’ve made a name for themselves by building some solid and stylish saddlebags aimed primarily at the cruiser segment that utilize … Read more

Bering Norris Jacket Review

Bering M65 Style Jacket

The Bering Norris motorcycle jacket takes its styling straight from the classic U.S. Army M65 jacket worn during the Vietnam war and then later by the peace loving Hippies. I had been looking for a textile jacket for the summer when I stumbled across the Bering Norris and instantly liked it.  As it turns out … Read more

BAAK Tail Tidy For The Triumph Bobber Review

the baak tail tidy fitted to a triumph bobber

I was hoping to get some miles racked up this spring/summer with a ride up the west coast of Scotland. As the Bobber is a bit of a nightmare with the short rear fender on when it’s raining I decided it would be best to put the original rear fender back on but with a … Read more

Best Open Faced Helmet For The Retro Motorcyclist

5 top retro motorcycle helmets

Retro open faced helmets are designed to look like a lid from the past while making full use of modern technologies. A bit like the retro motorcycle then! Thankfully, the boom of the retro motorcycle has seen many of the major biker gear manufacturers producing retro open faced helmets to meet the needs of those … Read more

Shima Caliber Gloves Review

I purchased these Shima Caliber gloves the week before my Bobber arrived. I’ve worn them all 3 Summers since. As with most motorcycle retro gear, it was the looks that attracted me to them first but I’m happy to report the performance matches the looks department. Below is my review of these cracking gloves. BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE STYLE … Read more

British Legends Tail Tidy For Triumph Bobber

British Legends are a French company specialising in Triumph aftermarket custom parts including this tail tidy for the Triumph Bobber which is their own creation. Like the BAAK tail tidy, it uses the original holes in the fender so there’s no drilling involved to make it fit. Unlike the BAAK offering though, it uses some clever … Read more

TCX Street Ace Boots Review

Having purchased a pair of TCX Street Ace boots almost 3 years ago and worn them every time I’ve been out on the bike as well as wearing them when I’m on foot, I feel I’m well placed to write this review.  If you are a fan of retro motorcycles, then you want boots that … Read more

DXR Evasion Leather Gloves Review

leather evasion gloves by DXR

My DXR Evasion CE leather gloves are what I wear when it’s too cold for my Shima Calibers.  The first thing you notice about the Evasion leather glove is that despite a price tag well under fifty quid they are extremely warm. I’m talking genuine shock when they arrive and you first try them on because … Read more

Gerbing XRS-12 Heated Gloves Review

Gerbing heated gloves showing all wiring

I purchased a pair of these Gerbing XRS-12 heated gloves the first winter I had the Bobber, actually it was still Autumn. When I purchased the beach bars for my Bobber from the Bike Bros in Germany they were good enough to clearly warn all potential buyers that “Triumph heated grips can not be used on this … Read more

Oxford Premium Paddock Stand Review

Oxford rear paddock stand for Triumph Bobber

The Premium rear paddock stand (OX281) is Oxfords top of the range offering which I purchased as a replacement for the Oxford Big Black Bike stand. The Big Black Bike stand has served me well the last few years but I never really had full confidence in it when raising the Bobber up as it’s not exactly a … Read more