DXR Evasion Leather Gloves Review

DXR Evasion Leather Gloves Review











  • Abrasion resistant
  • Thinsulate lining
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Knuckle protection


  • Uncomfortable in warm weather
  • Lining can be fiddly

My DXR Evasion CE leather gloves are what I wear when it’s too cold for my Shima Calibers

The first thing you notice about the Evasion leather glove is that despite a price tag well under fifty quid they are extremely warm. I’m talking genuine shock when they arrive and you first try them on because it’s instantly obvious you have found yourself a real bargain.

DXR is the brainchild of Motoblouz and have only been in the motorcycle clothing market for just over 10 years. In France, where they are based they’ve made themselves a reputation for over delivering. It has worked so well in quickly carving them a big chunk of the French market that DXR have now carried this forward as they branch out into other countries.

What is important is to ensure quality. 90% of our products are purchased by returning customers. This means that our quality has won them over, so much so that they’re not looking to buy another brand.


Sports Bike Shop have been selling DXR gear now for well over a year and you rarely read a bad review of any of the their products. Check out the reviews of the DXR Evasion leather gloves by clicking here and you can see that with 25 reviews from confirmed sales all their scores are 4 or 5 out of 5.

At a Glance

  • Abrasion resistant calfskin outer construction 
  • Thinsulate thermal lining for colder days
  • Internal waterproof and breathable membrane 
  • Flexible fabric inserts on the palms
  • Velcro adjustable strap retention system
  • Hard shell knuckle protection
  • Integrated visor wipe on left thumb

Outer Leather

The outer leather feels nice and soft and is very flexible. I found them so much better than my Gerbing heated gloves when it came to gripping the bars. No aching hands at all and no fumbling for indicator switches.

As you can see from the above image, there’s plenty of added padding in all the right places. The padding is on the outer edge of the hand as well as on the palm. You can also see the visor wipe on the left thumb which actually works really well.

knuckle protection

Hard armour is on the knuckles and like the thumb is fixed in place with a double stitch. 

Unlike others I’ve tried with hard knuckle protection, on the DXR Evasion leather gloves it takes nothing away from their comfort.

You can’t feel the armour from the inside at all, even with a clenched fist.

There’s two velcro fasteners, one that tightens around the wrist to keep the heat from your hands inside the glove. The secondary fastener at the top keeps the wind and rain out. It pulls tight enough to go under your jacket sleeves too.

Glove Lining

Where these gloves shine though is on the inside. Soft and warm with just enough padding to keep your hands cosy without forfeiting movement and feel.

The lining hides an 80g Thinsulate membrane to keep the heat in and another internal membrane that’s fully waterproof to keep the rain out.

On The Road

First time I tested the DXR Evasion leather gloves was last Summer on a decent afternoon weather wise and it quickly became apparent that these were not a warm weather glove.

My hands were sweating within half an hour. As soon as I stopped I wanted to get them off but in my haste the lining inside the fingers was pulled through into the glove. This made them fiddly when getting them back on.

I put them away until the colder weather arrived and wore them last Autumn up until mid November when the bike was put away until a few weeks ago (late February). They have performed amazingly well at both keeping my hands warm and dry.

I only ride for fun so I’m not going to go out on the bike if it’s too cold or raining. Living on the Isle of Man though means that I can expect to experience 3 out of 4 seasons in one lap of the TT course.

It can be a decent afternoon as I set off from Douglas only for the temperature to plummet as I turn up Glen Helen before finally finding it raining up on the mountain as I head back from Ramsey.

Like everywhere else in late Winter, early Spring, once that Sun drops so does the temperature. This is what the DXR Evasion leather gloves were made for.


While I wouldn’t class these as a full blown winter glove, that’s not what I was after. I needed something warmer than a Summer glove and that was fully waterproof so that my riding season could start earlier and finish later. The DXR Evasion CE leather gloves do not disappoint.

The leather feels soft and a nice quality while the inner lining keeps you nice and toasty without feeling like they are smothering you.